Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus Trip Report (#14516)

  • Signed By: Ramon Sijmons of The Hague, The, Netherlands
  • Date submitted: August 09, 2000

On Thursday, July 27 our team of three, reached the west summit. It was our second attemped. During the first attempt, we got caught in a snowstorm at 5400m.

Our team consisted of:

Boris Krielen

Peter-Arjen Boers

Ramon Sijmons Our sponsor: Active Leisure Outdoor&Trekking The climb is quite easy. You don't need a guide if you have experiance. We got there with support of 'Pilgrim Tours'. They arranged the domestic flight and car transportation as wel as the hotel bookings in Moskow. They can also arrange a guide, if needed. A lot of info can be found on For the experienced climbers: try to climb Elbrus from an other side. The old Priut-11 side can look like the Costa del Sol in mid-season! It can be very crowded!

Good luck!

Ramon Sijmons

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