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Rocky, very quickly changing weather, with Strunga Dracului (a climb-up waterfall)

Elevation (feet): 8,002
Elevation (meters): 2,439
Continent: Europe
Country: Romania
Range/Region: Transylvanian Alps
Latitude: 45.586944
Longitude: 24.555833
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Aug
Nearest major airport: Bucuresti
Convenient Center: Victoria

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Trip Reports

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  • Log #18874 - by Fratila Lucian on Feb 14, 2006
    Very nice, the second peak in romania,the elevation of this peak is 2535 m.There are 3 marked routs to top and 2 climbing routs.For more info use : or me: luc842003@yahoo.
  • Log #14657 - by James Marston on Feb 06, 2003
    Climbed via Strugna Draculi from Balea Lac with my friend Nicu Bardas from Scoreiu. An easy route, spectacular views from summit. I'll definately be returning to the Fagaras mountains next summer. JM
  • Log #14658 - by Tivadar Dul on Dec 13, 2002
    I was born in Fagaras, in the beautiful valley of the Carpetian Alps. My heart is still on those mountains, which I use to climb every year twice, and I'm planing to teach my kids to climb, so when...
  • Log #14659 - by Comanaru Adonis on July 25, 2002
    negoiu este acesibil si iarna nu numa in iulie si august si are 2535 cum a mai zis cineva si e cel mai adevarat varf din romania
  • Log #14660 - by Nae Scripcariu on July 08, 2002
    Great climb ! (though foggy wheather did not allow us to see too much around). We left Lake Bilea at 6:55 and reached the top before noon, coming back on the same route. On the way back, after 2 PM...
  • Log #14662 - by Denes Alexandru on Apr 28, 2002
    My first true mountain experience, quite early in the season, lots of snow, and nasty weather.We were lucky to reach the summit at all, the very next day it snowed.There was a lot of mountain haze,...
  • Log #14663 - by angel 001 on Feb 12, 2002
    sa nu va fie cu suparare dar negoiu are 2535m,nu cit scrie la prospect...
  • Log #14664 - by zahariuc mihail on Jan 31, 2002
    pacat ca am prins vreme urita si n-or mers pozele.
  • Log #14665 - by Adi on Apr 19, 2001
    In summer it's only hikking... In winter it depends on the weather and snow... A nice and technical route: From north ... Tunsului Ridge.
  • Log #14666 - by Dániel Marosffy on June 29, 2000
    Supposed to be the hardest peak on Fogaras-Mountain-trail but it is still fairly easy for anyone who has ever tried climbing. However the weather might make it nasty as it did for us. It can be...