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The peak is located in the northern part of the Bucegi Massif. Thre are four major routes to get at it: 1) from Babele Hut (the easiest) 2) from Busteni, on Valea Cerbului (moderate difficulties - a 4 hours route) 3) from Busteni via Bucsoiu mountain (rather difficult, with rocks, passages on cables) to be avoided in wintertime due to the risk of avalanches; needs ice axe and crampons in witertime) 4) from Bran, through the Tiganesti mountain (has two variants - to be avoided in wintertime due to the risk of avalanches; crampons and ice axe required) There are 53 places at the Omu hut to accomodate. The hut is almost "stuck" to a nearby rock that has the shape of the face of a man - the name of the peak derives from this particularity, "omu" meaning in Romanian. "the man"

Elevation (feet): 8,225
Elevation (meters): 2,507
Continent: Europe
Country: Romania
Range/Region: Carpathian Mountains
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 2000
First successful climber(s): Florin Chirculescu
Nearest major airport: Bucharest
Convenient Center: Busteni

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Trip Reports

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  • Log #21967 - by Walkeron45 on Mar 29, 2010
    Started in Sibeu and ascended onto Pestera. Over night and onto Omu where we stayed over night in the hut. The toilets were a hole in the ground and smelled of hell ass. Wild dogs met you on route to...
  • Log #19329 - by Jess Burgess on Sep 27, 2006
    We had an amazing time in Romania and the stay at the top of Omu was well worth the climb. The view in the morning was amazing and the calmness of the whole place was so peaceful. The hut, although...
  • Log #14705 - by octavian on Sep 20, 2004
    The Omu peak is the highest peak from the Bucegi Mountains. If you plan on spending the night at the Omu chalet and the sky is not clouded, be sure to wake up just before the sunrise. Get out of the...
  • Log #14706 - by Gregory Edward Feie on Apr 04, 2003
    It is not the summit itself that drives one on, it's the thought of not attaining it that spurns one's initiative...
  • Log #14707 - by Bart on May 12, 2002
    Nice weather, still some snow Nice stay at the meteo-station ! Great day !
  • Log #14708 - by Denes Alexandru on Apr 30, 2002
    Nice peak, I reached it from Bucsoiu and after 5 hours of climbing I've enjoyed a hot tea in the hut.The weather was clear, you could see the town of Busteni, but soon it got cold, foggy, and...
  • Log #14709 - by Grzechu Grupinski on Nov 08, 2000
    The route from Babele hut is boring - the ridge is completely flat. Although it was August, the weather was horrible, hail, snow, wind... Because of fog I couldn't see the TV tower which is near the...