Tryfan Trip Report (#14752)

  • Signed By: naomi
  • Date submitted: June 08, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 27th May 2003
  • Number of People Encountered:

Chris and I started up from campsite at gof uchaf, up past little tryfan and intended to take the heather terrace route off to the left but heavy mists veiled the view ahead and we ended up going straight up to meet the north ridge route. We came to a full stop in front of a huge wall of rock just above from the quartz plateau. Suffering from increasing vertigo not helped by the heavy swirling mists that kept revealing terrifying glimpses of the valley nearly 3000ft below us, we were about to chicken out and turn back when a couple of young climbers, wren and elena, came up behind us said the rockface could be climbed and it would be safer than going back down. With they're help we managed to overcome some quite pathetic bouts of crippling vertigo and managed the steep & tough scramble up and over the rock wall, and on up over a couple of false summits until we got to the summit and adam & eve. Despite being scared to death at times, it was the most fantastic and exhilarating experience and has fuelled a love of mountains and scrambling and a desire to do more.

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