Tryfan Trip Report (#14758)

  • Signed By: Jay & Michelle
  • Date submitted: June 29, 2002
  • Number of People Encountered:

This is the best climb ever for all you interested mountain hikers out there, well in Britain anyway. The day started poor with it being Jubilee weekend and despite setting off early from Warrington and arriving in Llandudno at 9:15 am, a travel through into Bets-y-coed and then a hitch-hike into Gelen Ogwen meant ascent began at 1pm. However, despite the poor start to proceedings, the climb instantly made up for it. Grade 1 all the way, and even though Michelle and I have climbed Ben Nevis and Snowdon prior to this, it has to be said that Tryfan is a second to none and a mountain to treasure. As for Ben Nevis and Snowdon being a tester in stamina and fatigue, Tryfan tests simply your ability to judge and ascend using your arms more than your feet. It is a grade 1 scramble up spikey rocks and to our shock, should be done with equipment to ensure safety. However, it was good fun and for one minute we felt like we were in Mission Impossible. Great fun, great memories and most of all, adrenalin levels hit the roof at various points on the mountain. But all in all, we summited and enjoyed a nice cigarette with the company of Adam and Eve to top it off. I just can't wait to go back.

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