Tryfan Trip Report (#14764)

  • Signed By: Ennis Jones
  • Date submitted: February 24, 2002

A very interesting and popular peak. It can be difficult depending on the route you take. It was very windy the day I climbed, but the sun was bright for most of the day. I was afraid to stand up on Adam (or was it Eve?) because I was afraid I would get blown off! I saw clouds drifting BELOW ME through the valley. That's the first time I ever stood on solid ground and was able to look down on a cloudbank. There might be warnings posted against it now (I saw none back then), but I had a drink of water from one of the streams running down the mountain. It was the most delicious I've ever had! I never had a hint of sickness. I don't know if you could do that nowadays. Weather in the British Isles is unpredictable. It can start out warm and bright, and then turn nasty in a hurry. It was August when I made my climb, but I still needed a jacket.

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