Tryfan Trip Report (#14772)

  • Signed By: luke hawker
  • Date submitted: December 11, 2000
  • Date(s) climbed: 21st august 2000
  • Number of People Encountered:

It was a cold night before we set off and we were freezing our butts off. the next day we set off to climb the big bitch as i call it it was a nice day below the cloud line but as soon as we got to it it became about gale force 5 or 6 and we could no longer see our car which made it worse as we couldn't see how high we were. About 3 quarters of the way up i began to freak as it was my first ever climb and i wasnt used to the height it was too slippy to get to adam and eve so we tried to find alternative route and got seperated from our friend mike who took us up there so we made our way down (me my dad and brother and mikes daughter hazel) we began to go a way that we should never have taken down a small summit or climb that we think had never been touched before so we named it waterfall la bitch we found our selves in a small scramble over some rocks to find our friend mike we met up with him and went home.

the end

id like to say thanks to mike bacon who took us on the trip of our lives.

to all of you thinking of climbing her dont mes her around because she is a grumpy unpredictable bitch.

ps im only twelve

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