Mount Eddy McKenney

Elevation (feet): 4,790
Elevation (meters): 1,460
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Brooks Range
State: Alaska
Latitude: 67.2667
Longitude: -151.6
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Fairbanks Ak
Convenient Center: Bettles

Thanks to Mark Reiser for adding this peak.

steep and rocky.

Trip Reports

NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

There are 12 trip reports for Mount Eddy McKenney.

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  • Log #21021 - by Nicol Light-Batson on Sep 10, 2007
    I love and miss you Uncle Eddy!
  • Log #21010 - by Charles McKenney on Sep 05, 2007
    Thank you for this tribute to my brother Eddy. I WILL stand on his mountain someday. We have made two attempts but have not planned adequate time. We love you Brother.
  • Log #21005 - by Mallory on Sep 04, 2007
    We love you and miss you dearly Uncle Eddy.
  • Log #20998 - by Teresa McKenney Light on Sep 03, 2007
    Eight years have gone by since we got the shocking news of Eddy's disappearance and then the sad news of his death. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my brother, Eddy. It might be a song...
  • Log #21001 - by Lori Bellows on Sep 03, 2007
    Eight years ago today we lost Eddy. While we have continued on with our earthly journey it has not been the same without him. He's now a Grandpa. He would have loved to have experienced those times...
  • Log #21002 - by William Edward McKenney on Sep 03, 2007
    Did not climb. The peak is a two day hike from Crevice Creek which would be the nearest staging area. My son, Eddy McKenney died when his airplane collided with the peak on Sept. 3rd, 1999 hence, the...
  • Log #14799 - by Lori J. Guillen on July 23, 2000
    Thanks Mark for creating this Peak. Eddy, your beautiful blue eyes and sweet smile are forever etched in my mind. Everywhere I turn something strikes a memory of you. You are physically gone but have...
  • Log #14800 - by Joanne McKenney on July 20, 2000
    My thanks to Mark for submitting this entry in memory of my son, Eddy McKenney. Pilot Eddy McKenney lost his life when his plane crashed into Two-Day Mtn. Eddy is deeply missed and lives on in our...
  • Log #14801 - by Nicol Light on July 19, 2000
    Thanks Mark, for making a place to leave our thougts about Uncle Eddy!
  • Log #14802 - by Teresa McKenney Light on July 17, 2000
    Thank you Mark for submitting this peak as Eddy's. That was very kind of you. Eddy thought very highly of you and your family. I know he is smiling down on us right now.
  • Log #14803 - by Chris Dickson on July 17, 2000
    Favorite Quote of mine from Eddy to me: "You gotta Live each Day to the Fullest! There are no promised Tomorrows." After looking over my past Relationships/Friendships. I have concluded...
  • Log #14804 - by Mark Reiser on July 11, 2000
    Named in memory of Eddy Mckenny who died here September 3 1999 while doing what he loved best...flying in the brooks range.