Mount Stanley

Elevation (feet): 16,763
Elevation (meters): 5,109
Continent: Africa
Country: Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Range/Region: Ruwenzori
Latitude: 0.383333
Longitude: 29.8667
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jan, Jul, Aug
Year first climbed: 1906
First successful climber(s): Duke of the Abruzzi, J. Petigax, C. Ollier, J. Brocherel
Nearest major airport: Kampala, Uganda, Kigali, Rwanda, Bujumbura, Burundi, Nairobi, Kenya
Convenient Center: Mutsori, Zaire, Bugoye, Uganda

Mount Stanely is the highest mountain in the Ruwenzori range, and the highest peak in Africa outside of Mounts Kilimanjaro (19,563 ft.) and Kenya (17,057 ft.). The Bujuku valley is enclosed within a steep triangle formed by Mount Stanley and Mounts Speke and Baker, the second and third highest Ruwenzori peaks respectively. The worst part about climbing in the Ruwenzori is the approach, as four days of jungle and bogs guard the mountains on both the Zaire and Uganda sides. There are, however, good trails in the mountains, and plenty of huts for overnight. From Mutsori, Zaire, local tribesman are available as guides or porters.

Stanley's summit has two primary twin summits, and several subsidiary peaks: Margherita 16,763 ft. 5,109 m. Alexandra 16,703 ft. 5,091 m. Albert 16,690 ft. 5,087 m. Savoia 16,330 ft. 4,977 m. Ellena 16,300 ft. 4,968 m. Elizabeth 16,170 ft. 4,929 m. Phillip 16,140 ft. 4,920 m. Moebius 16,130 ft. 4,916 m. Great Tooth 15,100 ft. 4,603 m.