Mount Stanley

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  • Log #14811 - by Jamie Strauss on Oct 19, 20033.00 stars
    Along with Simon Wilson Stevens, Charlie Case, two excellent local guides (Dennis and Fulliman) and a member of the Volcanoes team we summited just after midday. The glaciers, although clearly...
  • Log #14812 - by Corrado Casinovi on Jan 08, 20033.00 stars
    From Elena hut climbed before Point Margherita (normal route) and then Point Alexandra (ascended north face and descended south-east ridge)with a very pleasant weather!
  • Log #14813 - by John Wightman on Dec 24, 20023.00 stars
    Only summitted after spending a day at the base of Speke glacier trying to warm up a cup of soup in a howling blizzard. Magic climb!
  • Log #14814 - by scott anderson on July 10, 20023.00 stars
    Pre-dawn start got us to the top 9 a.m., a spectacular clear sunny day, every peak in the Ruwnzoris visible. But what I will remember most of all: the numerous weathered marker wands, scattered all...
  • Log #14815 - by dominic richard on Aug 05, 20013.00 stars
    the ski and snowboard club of uganda is looking for new members. has anybody else ever skied or snowboarded in the ruwenzoris?
  • Log #14816 - by John Margesson on July 10, 20013.00 stars
    Dave Feller and I climbed this alone in the days of Idi Amin. A fantastic experiance which I still remember well. Love to go there again.
  • Log #14817 - by paul cameron on May 22, 19993.00 stars
    A memory that will stay with me forever - I am freezing cold, and can barely see three metres in front of me. We walk along a narrow col that heads up to Margherita peak.One side is the Mount Stanley...
  • Log #20584 - by Jurgen Wohlfarter on Jan 07, 20073.00 stars
    We did a 6 day circular route starting from Ibanda (Nyakalengija) in anti-clockwise direction staying in tents and reaching Elena Hut at 4540m as our highest point. Our team comprised of 3 guys from...
  • Log #22247 - by Jake Norton on Sep 14, 20113.00 stars
    The first climb of my 4 year project, Challenge21. Read dispatches and more information at