Mount Stanley

Mount Stanley Trip Report (#14811)

Along with Simon Wilson Stevens, Charlie Case, two excellent local guides (Dennis and Fulliman) and a member of the Volcanoes team we summited just after midday.

The glaciers, although clearly receeding are more extensive than I had imagined. It had snowed the night before and except for a brief interval on the summit we had consistant cloud cover throughout the summit climb. Nobody should underestimate the bogs on the way up or more importantly on the way down - they are clearly defeatable but in the wet season are an effort! Some of the group walked in waders and gum boots on certain days, although I found that ordinary good climbing boots with gaiters to be sufficient.

The glacier trek is awesome but after decending onto the Margharita glacier we had a hellish 30 mins climbing a snow bank before harder snow made the final 1hr easier. The peak has a rock summit which now has fixed lines in order to make it slightly easier; less experienced people however should not underestimate the strenuous last hurdle as you have to use significant brute force at this altitude to finally succeed!

What an incredible mountain this is and although growing in popularity it still remains relatively devoid of people - we only saw two small parties during the entire 7 days and had the huts all to ourselves. - I guess the drier months are a bit busier...

My last point is to highlight the remarkable courage which Praveen Moman of Volcanoes Safaris showed, in addition he kept the whole team laughing the whole way up and down the mountain, a vital element of sanity!


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