Mount Stanley

Mount Stanley Trip Report (#14817)

  • Signed By: paul cameron
  • Date submitted: May 22, 1999

A memory that will stay with me forever - I am freezing cold, and can barely see three metres in front of me. We walk along a narrow col that heads up to Margherita peak.One side is the Mount Stanley ice field, the other side of the col drops away in to the mist. We scramble up to the top of a pile of rocks covered in the cauliflower ice that is Margherita, and talk between chattering teeth.

Suddenly, the mist lifts in an instant and we can see in all directions. To the east is the Ugandan side of the range. To the west, only metres from our boots, Africa falls away down a snow coated precipise all the way into Zaire. The col we had just walked along was in reality the top of a ridge that stradled the two main peaks and did not end for over 1500 metres below us. Way off in the distance I could see the tops of the Virunga mountains. What a view ...

I am virtually on the equator, I have never been as cold as this before, I have mild frost bite in my toes, and I can see lush steamy jungles below me.

The Ruwenzoris - clouds with rocks in them !

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