Matterhorn Trip Report (#14833)

  • Signed By: Donna Lee
  • Date submitted: May 23, 2004

I always wanted to climb Matterhorn since my mother went to Europe and brought back stories about her wonderful stay in Zermatt. The day I climbed Matterhorn, I got up very early, when it was still dark outside, at about 3:45 AM. My guide's name was Hans and there were four other climbers in our party. We started off and it was an absolutely beautiful climb. The views were spectacular! We summited in about four hours via the Hornli Ridge and the climb down took us about four and one half hours. At the summit I ate a powerbar and took at least one hundred pictures. On the way back down the mountain was very crowded. I made the climb safely although I saw a rescue team coming down with a guy who shattered his leg. After I climbed Matterhorn I read somewhere that more people die on this mountain than any other peak in Europe. This was a wonderful climb, my first ever, and the months of training were so worth it.

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