Matterhorn Trip Report (#14842)

  • Signed By: Pim
  • Date submitted: January 13, 2004

It was my second 4000+ mountain, so it was quite exiting. The climb was very busy (lots and lots of guides and clients)but also very nice. ON the upper part (on the so called "roof" i wa nearly hit by a 10 kg. heavy stone, thrown by another climber. The stone had hit my backpack. At 10 'o clock we were on the summit. After a 10 minutes break on the summit we went for theclim down. At 4 'o clock we were back at the hornlihutte. From there we had to be quickly to be able to take the last cable-care for that day.

Finally we made it and it was a quite relax trip back to tasch.

The weather was very good that day, so the view was exiting to.

Gr. Pim Roeske (16 years old)

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