Matterhorn Trip Report (#14848)

In the mid of August this summer, i attempted

the classic ascent of the Matterhorn via the

Horli Hut. I come from the "Vrilissos

Mountaineering Club" of Athens and the attempt

was made by me, 2 other members of the club

and our Greek guide, Dimitris Bourazanis.

Unfortunally we did not manage to reach the summit.

Though it was summer, due to the wheather conditions

during the previous night our ascent looked like a winter attempt!

The mountain had snow from the beginning of our

ascent. The snow wasn't much (it would be easier)

but its quantity and quality forced us to a slow

rhythm. After 6 hours we reached the Solvay Hut

and decided to return. The mountain is spectacular,

some extraordinary passages, magnificent view to

the valley and surrounding mountains. Not difficult

passages, but with little snow you must be cautious. Our team advanced slowly due to the fact

that we were all tied to one rope. Will definitely

return to summit and hope to find better conditions.

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