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Mount Hood is the highest mountain in the state of Oregon. It is one of the most often climbed mountains in the United States due to its location, roughly fifty miles east of the city of Portland. Its perfect conal shape is visible for miles, and dominates the surrounding landscape. There are numerous routes. Palmer glacier is the most traveled and it is best to climb in the early morning. There is a lot of rock fall late in the day. Most people access at Timberline Lodge (6000ft) for the south.

Elevation (feet): 11,237
Elevation (meters): 3,426
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Cascade Range
State: Oregon
Latitude: 45.373403
Longitude: -121.695642
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul
Year first climbed: 1857
First successful climber(s): H.L. Pittock, L. Chittenden, W. Cornell, Reverend T.A. Wood
Nearest major airport: Portland, Oregon
Convenient Center: Timberline Lodge, Oregon

Trip Reports

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  • Log #22524 - by theyogiclimber on May 24, 2016
    Solo climb on a perfect day. Very windy at the summit. Ice axe and crampons needed. 
  • Log #22351 - by Cal on Oct 17, 2012
    South side route w/Old Chute. Weekday so only a half dozen people on the mountain. Very good conditioning climb (not always necessitating rope but I always bring). Much better in early spring because...
  • Log #21880 - by Caj E Svensson on Feb 11, 2010
    Eva and I flew in to Seattle after our wedding and drove to Portland and then to the Timberline lodge. Friends from Westinghouse in New England, Daryl and Pete, showed up and we had a late afternoon...
  • Log #21839 - by Jason Hanold on Dec 12, 2009
    Climbed with Big City Mountaineers, accompanied by my sons, Forest Hanold (16) and Luke Hanold (14). It was a more challenging climb than the elevation may indicate. Very steep ascent during final...
  • Log #20549 - by David Dapp on Dec 22, 2006
    Beautiful climb up West Crater Rim. Clear up to 300 feet below summit, then clouds came in with strong winds. Made summit without hesitation at that point. Descended hogsback trail back to Timberline...
  • Log #20540 - by John Cushing on Dec 17, 2006
    Got up at 2 AM, reached summit in mid morning and down by mid afternoon. I remember watching the sunrise from the slope of Hood and seeing a propellor powered airliner, perhaps a DC-4, go by below...
  • Log #19716 - by Matthew Wolpert on July 21, 2006
    7/20/06. Left NE 32nd & Alberta at 4:56am on bicycle. arriuve timberline lodge at 9:06am. Transition. Climb to summit in 2:23, descend 0:51.
  • Log #19462 - by Lee Fenyves on June 25, 2006
    Started our ascent at 1:30am, summited at 9:30am and finished our descent just before 1pm. All in all an incredible experience. Not a cloud in the sky, you could see clear to Mt. St. Helens, Mt.
  • Log #19784 - by stephanie nibler on May 14, 2006
    We started for the summit at 0300. The wind was vicious, and went right through our many layers. The schrund had begun to open up, however there was a snow bridge that we were able to use. It was a...
  • Log #19166 - by Stephanie Nibler on Feb 15, 2006
    Full moon, beatiful sunrise, and a beautiful sunny day! At 10,000ft. I had nothing more than a single thin layer of polypro on, and was still too warm! My five climbing partners were all a joy to...
  • Log #18894 - by Tom Stengel on June 20, 2005
    Climbed with Northwest School of Survival. Great climb with fantastic summit views.
  • Log #18912 - by David Johnson on June 14, 2005
    Standard Palmer Glacier route. Started from Lodge, 6:30 am. Ascended right side of ski area to Crater Rock. Hogsback by 11:30 am.
  • Log #2909 - by Brandon DeHaan on July 16, 2004
    People who summitted: Brent DeHaan, Brandon DeHaan, Jim DeHaan, Cameron DeHaan, and Brian Parker. Hit the break in weather, and had nothing but sunshine. Summit view was awesome. Mount Rainier, Mount...
  • Log #2910 - by Trevor Loney on July 04, 2004
    The bergshrund was pretty wide open. Awesome view from the summit when the sun is coming up over the horizon. Climb early. It can be pretty congested below the pearly gates.
  • Log #2911 - by daniel morphis on May 17, 2004
    This was my first attempt at Mt Hood. I set off by myself at 4 in the morning from Timberline lodge. I carried my skis to about 9500 feet and stashed them in a patch of rocks. It was a nice morning,...
  • Log #2912 - by Jeff Williams on May 10, 2004
    Conditions excellent. Got dropped off by the sno-cat at top of Palmer at 2:30. Left at 2:36, summitted at 5:06. Literally hundreds of other folks below.
  • Log #2913 - by Matthew Wolpert on May 09, 2004
    Left NE 32nd & Alberta in Portland at 4:01am. Bicycled to Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood, arriving at 9:01am. Began climb at 9:47am. Reached summit at 1:22pm.
  • Log #2914 - by Dennis Cockrell on Apr 26, 2004
    Awesome day, deep snow, fabulous views.
  • Log #2915 - by Brian Jenkins on Mar 05, 2004
    Always a great climb.
  • Log #2916 - by Rick Brown on Jan 13, 2004
    Late August is not the normal time of year to climb this mountain. Most sources will tell you it is very dangerous and only fools try it then. The bergschrund--along with a few other crevasses--is...
  • Log #2917 - by rpc on Aug 29, 2003
    Started at a very reasonable hour of 5:30am from Timberline. Conditions were excellent throughout the day. Snow got relatively worse above Crater Rock where a 1 foot layer of soft/wet snow concealed...
  • Log #2918 - by Greg Anderson on Aug 27, 2003
    Our climb team was the first of three (24 climbers total) participating in a fund raising effort for breast cancer research through the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center. Our teams raised over...
  • Log #2919 - by Mark Chaplin on Aug 14, 2003
    The Hogsback is a great workout! I've done the route solo 5 or 6 times now. Always a blast. Here's a hint: Start your climb at 9pm with a full moon for solitude. I've done this twice and it was...
  • Log #2920 - by Jeff Cooper on July 24, 2003
    After an alpine start we arrived at the summit via the South Side/Hogsback route at about 6 a.m. with the mountain casting an awesome shadow over the surrounding area. There was not a cloud in the...
  • Log #2921 - by Bryan Ward on June 28, 2003
    The weather was absolutely perfect. 5,250 vertical feet. Went about half-way the afternoon before and set up camp just for the experience. Came up the west side of Crater Rock and found a 10 foot...
  • Log #2922 - by Dave Rawlings on June 01, 2003
    I originaly went to Timberline to do an end of season snowboard session. The weather report called for clouds and I figured the upper part of the mountain would be in one. I brought my pack just in...
  • Log #2923 - by Robert Quackenbush on May 22, 20034 Stars
    Summited with Liz McCarty, Howard Jones, and Nick Tock. Snowy and cold . . .
  • Log #2924 - by Stuart Palmer on Apr 28, 2003
    Our group of seven only made it to the Hogs Back. We started at 0100 hours at the Timberline parking lot. By the time we made it to the road at the end of the Palmer Ski lift it was cold. The only...
  • Log #2925 - by Matthew Wolpert on Apr 27, 2003
    7/21/02 - Bicycled from NE 33rd & Killingsworth in Portland to Timberline Lodge. Climbed to summit. Descended. Bicycled back to Portland.
  • Log #2926 - by Steve Hufford on Feb 01, 2003
    I joined a party of six other climbers, Tim from St.Louis, Dave from Rapid City,SD, Mike and Al from Mass, Kent from Titusville, NJ, and Mike from Portland. Guided by Eric and Bob with Timberline...
  • Log #2927 - by Doug Pruitt on Jan 21, 2003
    Beautiful day for a climb. Full moon negated any need for head lamps starting out. Good frozen crust to walk on from the unseasonably warm temps on Saturday. We skinned up the groom to the top of the...
  • Log #2928 - by Gil MacGregor on Jan 15, 2003
    This was our second attempt to summit Mt. Hood in 2002. Our April attempt only saw our three man team reach the top of the Palmer Glacier. The storm that had blown in forced us to return to...
  • Log #2929 - by Kurt Hicks on Nov 30, 2002
    My first summit of Mt. Hood. Climbed via Hogsback, leaving late at 5am. Summited at 10am with views of Rainier, Adams, St. Helens (which I did the next day by 10am), Jefferson et.
  • Log #2930 - by Kevin Koski on Nov 25, 2002
    Wow, lots of people climbing on this day! Great climb!
  • Log #2931 - by Tom Tang on Sep 24, 2002
    Summitted with Timberline Mountaineering Association, the first technical climbing I have ever had, scared the heck of me on the way down. But, I made it.
  • Log #2932 - by Callie Lunski on July 03, 2002
    Climbing Mt Hood started out to be a fundraiser for The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. We were suppose to climb on June 9(The second day the mountian was open, from being closed, do to the...
  • Log #2933 - by Gary Hillin on May 29, 2002
    Our team of 3 started off at 0100 hrs for our original route Leuthold Col. But as the weather deteriorated rapidly we opted for the South summit route. A good call as we were the only ones that day...
  • Log #2934 - by Ian Brooks on May 22, 2002
    On my 20th Birthday (May 18, 2002) I thought that it was time for me to break myself in as a mountaineering virgin. So, I started with Mt. Hood. It was my first real climb and it was a very good...
  • Log #2935 - by Bill Sullivan on May 21, 2002
    Enjoyed a great summit day via the Hogsback route with my gude, Dave from Timberline Mountain Guides. Great snow conditions for crampons and steep enough near the top to get a taste of real...
  • Log #2936 - by Guy Scutellaro on May 07, 2002
    The south side route was uninteresting. The snowcat ride claustrophobic. On a whim, a man and his wife decided to climb Mt. Hood. Unfortunately, she was part of my rope team.
  • Log #2937 - by Scott Harder on Mar 12, 2002
    trip report on
  • Log #2938 - by Matt Schroeder on Mar 04, 2002
    it is all about the self arrest.
  • Log #2939 - by Joe Poulton on Mar 03, 2002
    Just wanted to update my e-mail address for anyone who wanted to contact me. My trip report is further down the list
  • Log #2940 - by Marty Frost on Aug 21, 2001
    My first successful summit. Memorial day. South side route. Perfectly clear above the clouds.
  • Log #2941 - by Michael S. Roden on Aug 12, 2001
    This peak has great views. It was an easy climb from start to finish. The only time we had problems was at the bergschrund, we had a 10 to 15 foot wall of ice to climb to reach the summit ridge. If...
  • Log #2942 - by H Giang on Aug 04, 2001
    Chris, Barclay, and I started around midnight. Chris and Barclay's goal was to reach the summit to see the sun rise. My goal was to reach the summit. Chris and I played golf (walking, no cart) a few...
  • Log #2943 - by Ian Nicholson on July 25, 2001
    We drove down from Seattle on july 7 and bivied in the parking lot, your not supposed to do this; but we saw one other person biving in the parking lot. Most people spent the night in there cars. We...
  • Log #2944 - by John Wang on July 17, 2001
    Beautiful night hike up the South Side Route with a near full moon, cloud cover at about 4,000', and shooting stars. Several F-15 or F-18 fighter jets with after-burners the evening before at around...
  • Log #2945 - by Matt Lybbert on July 15, 2001
    Absolutely LOVED it. Spent the night about 300 yards above the top of the lift. Got up early and started climbing. Took about 2 and a half hours from there.
  • Log #2946 - by Ernie Tolentino on July 11, 2001
    Laura Nelson and I climbed the Southside route, which is standard for most hikers these days. We left Wy'east parking lot at 1 AM on a windless evening and the waning gibbous moon illuminating the...
  • Log #2947 - by Lynn Stephens on June 27, 2001
    Great day for climbing. Weather was perfect. Snow was a little soft, but no postholing. Dropped skis at the top of the ski run, which made the descent a lot easier.
  • Log #2949 - by Howard Jones on June 04, 2001
    A very nice walk, i.e., the weather was good and the mountain was kind.
  • Log #2950 - by Doug Gilford on May 28, 2001
    This was our second time up with our friend Bob VanEtten. He's the most patient guy alive (my brother, Derek, is too) for putting up with my out-of-shape legs. Even though I know I was slowing things...
  • Log #2951 - by Bryan R. Simpson on May 21, 2001
    Enjoyed a great day on the mountain. We hiked up and camped just below crater rock and the sulfar stench, but got a whiff every now and then. Pretty windy that night but warm. Snow was in great shape...
  • Log #2952 - by Will Strickland on May 15, 2001
    Simul-soloed the Reid Glacier Headwall with my buddy Paul Koubek. We set out to climb Leuthold's and having never been on it we ended up turning up one couloir too early, putting us on the RGH. Snow...
  • Log #2953 - by Jim Welch on May 11, 2001
    This was a second climb with my friend Wes "the Bull" Hartman. Also on this climb was Pastor Larry, Bryan "Endless Energy" Simpson, and Eric Schulz. This year we set up a high...
  • Log #2954 - by David Watson on Apr 19, 2001
    Have fun hiking the hills and remember to leave no trace, don't ruin the mountain for others
  • Log #2955 - by Joe Poulton on Apr 18, 2001
    Ok, I just found this web site! The route we (Matt Herboth and I) took was Leuthold Coulior. Started at 5:20 am from Timberline lodge, reached illumination saddle by 7 am. we simul-soloed the...
  • Log #2956 - by Darin Chadwick on Jan 22, 2001
    Want to start easy on Hood, and work your way up? Start with the south side. Then try Leuthold Coulior in late winter early spring. This is my favorite. Third, try the W'east route, but only if there...
  • Log #2957 - by Travis Sutton Byrd on Jan 01, 2001
    An early season ascent, such as the one my partners and I made, makes sense as the objective dangers of the climb are not as pronounced as they are later in the season; but, on the flip side, we...
  • Log #2958 - by Adrianne on Dec 11, 2000
    It was a nice clear day. I did the south side and it was my first major climb, i had done little climbing and since then i have done alot. i was 14 years old. i was really proud of myself for making...
  • Log #2959 - by JC on Dec 09, 2000
    Solo'ed the easy 1 day route frome timberline lodge. I had the rare fortune of a day without rain, snow, high winds, or fog on the summit. I was also the only person on the mountain at the time....
  • Log #2960 - by scott perkins on Dec 02, 2000
    Climbed South Side route with girlfriend Jonna Beiletti. This was her first mountain climb and she did great, smiling the entire time and climbing strong all the way to the summit. We were joined by...
  • Log #2961 - by Brandon Oakes on Nov 21, 2000
    we climbed to the summit via the south side and the old chute, this was a climb I will never forget, and I hope to return.
  • Log #2962 - by Zoran Bogdanovic on Nov 20, 2000
    Summited Hood with Miroslav Kuzmanovic via "Hogsback" route.Total roud-trip climbing from timberline was 6 h. First YU ascent to Mt.Hood
  • Log #2963 - by David Stockton on Oct 18, 2000
    I took advantage of crystal-clear weather and perfect conditions in early April of this year to climb to the top of Mount Hood, which I resolved to make a yearly ritual after my second successful...
  • Log #2964 - by Matt Lilley on Aug 28, 2000
    I climbed Mt. Hood via the south side route. The views are amazing and it wasn't too difficult for me. I was 13 yrs old at the time and it was my first major climb.
  • Log #2965 - by Dan Hughes on Aug 08, 2000
    Climbed the Cooper Sur on Hood. This is an awsome route on hood, much more interesting than the south side climb. We were the only ones climbing this route, which is something unique on such a...
  • Log #2966 - by Ryan Stokes on Aug 02, 2000
    We left early in the morning and had the entire mountain to ourselves. The climbing season is certainly near its end from the South side. The shadow of Mt. Hood at sunrise is defintely worth seeing.
  • Log #2967 - by John Sprengelmeyer on July 09, 2000
    My brother, Peter, and I started the climb at midnight on the south side. It was foggy and we had no map, so we just traveled upwards. It was right after the July 4th weekend, so there were...
  • Log #2968 - by an anonymous user on July 07, 2000
    One of the best trips ever, with my friend Wes "the Bull" Hartman. This trip celebrated our 25 years of climbing. Over that many years, the friendship is more rewarding than the climb,...
  • Log #2969 - by David Cranor on July 06, 2000
    Wear sunscreen, and prepare to rope up around the crevasse.
  • Log #2970 - by LARAMIE BROWN on June 17, 2000
  • Log #2971 - by Derby ODonnell on June 06, 2000
    My first summit of Mt Hood - climbed solo on South route. Perfect conditions, enjoyed the finest sunrise I've ever seen. The descent on the side of Palmer is really tedious, a small price to pay.
  • Log #2972 - by Garry and Diana Needham on May 31, 2000
    What a fun climb!!! Had great weather and excellant hard snow. Could see all the Cascade volcanos from the summit.
  • Log #2973 - by Jared & Will Sexty on May 30, 2000
    First one to watch the sunrise in Oregon.
  • Log #2974 - by Don Gilman on May 22, 2000
    Arrived at timberline lodge at 9:30 p.m., May 19th, fell asleep for a refreshing hour and a half, started out with eleven people in our group (I was climbing w/ the Obsidians, the Eugene climbing...
  • Log #2975 - by J Lee Davis on May 11, 2000
    Sandy Glacier Headwall - Great route; no traffic; pretty committing - not for novices but well worth the effort. Alpine III. Steepest at top. Climbed from base of Yoakum Ridge bivvy and carried over...