Finsteraarhorn Trip Report (#14886)

  • Signed By: Martin Sperka
  • Date submitted: August 30, 2002
  • Date(s) climbed: 20th August 2002

The most difficult is the approach to the Finsteraarhorn hut, if you do not consider quite expansive (for former East European still significant part of the monthly salary) way from Jungfrajoch, which you can reach by the train and then you go more down then up. The most funniest story was that after the 14 hours driving via Austria and Italy we came to Grimselpass, it was evening Suterday and my partner told that he left his crampons at home. So instead of sleeping at the pass and early morning start to Finteraarhorn hut, we spent couple hours on Sunday looking for crampons. We had a luck and found open sport shop in one village near Brigg. Ascent was quite good afternoon we started at Grimselpass and after 5 hours reached Oberaarhorn hut (carrying food for 7 days). Next day Oberaarhorn (3630m) and via Gensenlucke to Finsteraarhorn hut. Next day starting at 5 am we reached the summit after 4 and half hours (we were a little tired from the stress in last days before the trip and during the way to Grimselpass). When we descended and drank a bier came the rain. The day after the summit was foggy and rainy, but the real heavy rain came after we were at the car on the way home. It was a nice trip.

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