Finsteraarhorn Trip Report (#14888)

  • Signed By: res blum
  • Date submitted: June 17, 2001
  • Number of People Encountered:

Some years ago, I was crossing the summit from SE to NW, comming from the Grimselpass via the Oberaarhütte to the Finsteraarhornhütte. It's really a long trip over the SE-ridge with great views down to the glaciers and other peaks. The rock is not excellent, but easy to climbe. A delicate thing, was climbing the last icy chimney reaching the summit. The normal itinerary on the Finsteraarhorn from the Finsteraarhornhütte is great doing by ski. The last ridge from the Hugisattel can be delicate and time-consuming. For everybad who wants descending by the Fieschergletscher: it's only recomended in winter and spring when there's enough snow from avalanches on the right (!!!) side of the glacier. That means after may it's criminal cause of the immense crevasses you have to cross. I now that from my own! So this itinerary is very nice for a ski-run (always stay on the Right Bank!), but horrible in summer by foot.

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