Finsteraarhorn Trip Report (#14898)

Andrew, Ben, Alastair and Henry tried to reach the hut up the Fieschergletscher, but failed miserably. We drove round to Grindelwald instead. Train to Jungfraujoch, down glacier to Konkordia (one of the most extraordinary and beautiful places in the world). A night at the Konkordia hut, then over the col to the Fieschergletscher, and the Finsteraarhorn hut. Next day's attempt failed because of snow, rain and cloud. But the next night was cold and clear, and we reached the summit in perfect weather on the last day before we had to head for home. Next day trudged back up the glacier to the Jungfraujoch for the 1400 train. The conductor said in perfect English: "So, gentlemen, mission aborted?" "No," we proudly replied -- "mission accomplished!"

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