Mont Pelee

Montagne Pelée is an active volcano on Northern Martinique, an island of the Caribbean. Villages, towns, and industry have been erected at the mountain's base and agriculture continues on its slopes, despite occasional threats from the mountain, such as minor eruptions of 1792, 1851, and a major eruption of 1902. The 1902 eruption rained hot lava and molten rock on the city of St. Pierre on Ascension Day, a religious festival that had drawn nearly 29,000 people to the town. According to legend, only one person survived the eruption, he being a condemned prisoner whose cell apparently provided him protection. Upon his being found four days later, he was released from custody.

Contrary to legend, however, somewhere between 60 and 120 people are believed to have survived (see 'Vulcan's Fury' by Alwyn Scarth). In either case, survival rate still figured at less than 3%, making this the world's most deadly volcanic eruption in the twentieth century. Soufriére IV, a volcano on nearby St. Vincent Island, had erupted on the previous day.

Mont Pelée's most recent activity was a series of eruptions that occurred from September 1929 through December 1932.

Elevation (feet): 4,583
Elevation (meters): 1,397
Continent: North America
Latitude: 14.8
Longitude: -61.1667
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jan, Mar, Apr, Dec
Volcanic status: Active
Nearest major airport: Fort-du-France,
Convenient Center: Le Morne Rouge, Martinique

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