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Nevado Parinacota is a very beautiful mountain (a perfect symetrical volcanic cone) across the border of Chile and Bolivia. Together with its twin Nevado Pomerape they are also called Nevado de Payachatas. The summit is a direct ascent from Lago Chungara (Lauca National Parc, Chile) or the village Sajama (Bolivia) via the Payachatas saddle. Easily accessible through the international road Arica - La Paz, they are located in the Lauca National Park, which hosts one of the world's highest lakes, Lake Chungara at 4570m. A rich wildlife inhabits the park: vicunas (a close parent of llama), flamingoes, chinchillas, vizcachas,...

Elevation (feet): 20,807
Elevation (meters): 6,342
Continent: South America
Country: Chile/Bolivia
Range/Region: Bolivian Andes
Latitude: -18.163184
Longitude: -69.142977
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Arica, Chile
Convenient Center: Arica, Chile

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  • Log #15030 - by Fernando on Jan 20, 2004
    Originally, our plans considered to climb Parinacota from the Bolivean side. It was for us a big surprise to learn that climbing in the National Park Sajama is only allowed between April and October....
  • Log #15031 - by Olivier SAIZ on Aug 29, 2003
    Bonjour, Je suis revenu de Bolivie le 23 aout. Pour le Parinacota (6342 metres, réalisé le 20 aout sans guide Bolivien) : Départ du campo alto (5200) à 2h30, on chausse les crampons pour...
  • Log #15032 - by Brook Laskey on May 27, 2003
    We (Kirk Allen, Chad Whitsell, Jim Reist and I) est'd base camp at the drop off point of 15,700 feet. We left base camp at about 5:30 a.m. and started the slow walk up to the saddle. The sunrise was...
  • Log #15033 - by Pedro Ibarra on Mar 14, 2003
    Wonderful volcano climbed from the bolivian side by me and Sergi Ricart in 7 hours from the campsite on the col between both Payachatas. Total trek, 10 hours plus one half day to reach the base camp....
  • Log #15034 - by Jim Taylor on Mar 13, 2003
    Brendon McNulty and I climbed from the Chile side. Stayed in the town of Parincota with a great family, Ignasio & Francesca. Our 1st day we climbed and camped at 5,000m then attempted summit the...
  • Log #15035 - by Pedro Hauck on Dec 22, 2002
    Paricota's volcano are a very beautifull climb and easy. in Pomerata volcano, choose the south face to have more fun, there you'll find a route with ice and rock nothing very dificult but in 6000...
  • Log #15036 - by michel on Dec 17, 2002
    approche côté chilien, permis nécessaire (obtenu à Putre en 1 jour), piste qui fait le tour du lac à gauche juste après la douane. Ensuite, 2 camps pour s'acclimater sur l'épaulement puis le...
  • Log #15037 - by Joost van der Sluis and Taco Hofman on May 01, 2002
    Parinacota, a beautiful peak to climb. There was a lot of snow on the volcano, due to some bad weather some days before. We started from our little camp in the pass between the two volcanoes and...
  • Log #15038 - by Augusto Cosulich on Dec 31, 2001
    Nice climb, relatively good weather. It took about 7 hours from the snow base at 5.200 mts. to the caldera rim. No chance to use ski (as we would have liked) because almost the whole snow slope is...
  • Log #15039 - by jack smith on Dec 29, 2001
    the most beautiful volcano I've climbed and seen so far. Easy walk up but pretty tiring because of the altitude. Our guide was Vicente (good guide) from Bolivian Journeys on Sagarnaga 363, this for...
  • Log #15040 - by Klaas Koehne on June 16, 2001
    Climbed solo in two days from Lago Chungara. 7 hours from high camp at 5100m. A crater circiut took 2 1/2 hours because of bad penitentes on the north side. Very impressive crater and great views...
  • Log #15041 - by Dániel Marosffy on Aug 22, 2000
    Crib Goch is great. Espacially in rain that makes the sharp ridge slippy and so more scary. I admit that some places I had to use my hands. The peak itself is a disaster (crowd comin' up by the...
  • Log #15042 - by Kevin Davitt/Michelle Moffat on Aug 19, 2000
    18.08.2000 Horseshoe. Never again. Too scared, man.Well worth it though.
  • Log #15043 - by Andreas Fink on Feb 27, 2000
    Austrian "Bergspechte"-skiing-expedition, leaded by Dr. Erich Resch from Klagenfurt. After having climbed two 5000m-peaks in the "Nigruni"-mountains, north of Condoriri, and Nevado Mururata (5864m)...