Huayna Potosi

Huayna Potosi Trip Report (#3040)

we took the opportunity on our worldtrip (dec 03 - apri 04) in la paz to climb a mountain of 6000 meters. we choose the agency of dr. hugo. he himself made the training session on day 1. after a cold night in his refugio we made our first step - together with a guide and a cook - to the basic camp on around 5200 meters. this was quite hard for nicole since we had to carry our backpacks. we were quite surprised to see the location of the base camp, since there was just a short surface of flat rocks... we enjoyed the beautiful view without clouds and lots of questions how the next day would be. the second day we started around 30 minutes after midnight. beside another tour of 3 men (one got sick and had to stay in the tent) we started our tour to the top in a real snow storm. in a very fast speed we nearly ran up towards the top. the climb is quite hard, even for a very well trained person. we still remember the part in the middle and the never ending final steep ice wall. we reached the summit around 05:45am. unfortunately there it was still dark and snow fall was getting worse. after 10 minutes we rushed dowon and reached the base camp already at 08am and the refugio and around 10am. unfortunately we didn't see much, but we did it!! we are well trained but it was our first mountain of this height - finally: a very adventurous experience, unfortunately we had very bad weather but we got lucky that we did it!! at the same the weather didn't allow to climb the mountain any more... dr. hugo's company can be recommended.

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