Huayna Potosi

Huayna Potosi Trip Report (#3067)

  • Signed By: Benjamin Wehner
  • Date submitted: July 21, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 2 times in 2001 and another 2 in 2002 usually in june and july

If your not acclimated it can be difficult but the normal route is pretty cake. Only once was it a bit sketchy when the snow bridge ov er the bergschrund collapsed and we had to jump over the 4 foot crevase. Besides that, the normal route is self explanitory with a headwall of maybe 200 meters at 60 or so degree face.

I also recommend if your are acclimated and short on time, you can actually do it all in a one push which if you leave from base camp by 10 or 11 pm, you will be on the summit by 5:30 or 6 just intime for sunrise. Then it is an easy 3 hour climb back down and your in the city of La Paz for cheap beer by late afternoon.

Ten cuidado

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