Mesa De Los Tres Reyes

Elevation (feet): 7,985
Elevation (meters): 2,434
Continent: Europe
Country: Spain/France
Range/Region: Pyrenees
Latitude: 42.922492
Longitude: -0.724068
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Pamplona
Convenient Center: Isaba

A rocky pyramid placed between France and the spanish provinces of Navarra and Huesca. The easiest route climbs from Linza (Huesca) and does not pose any problem as long as you follow the marks of the trail. You can also come from Belagua (Navarra), but it is a longer walk that crosses a karst zone (risky when foggy). The final pyramid is a little bit impressive for novices, but with no real difficulties.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #15097 - by Diego on Sep 03, 2002
    Nice early-Summer ascent from Refugio de Linza with 3 members of my family. A lot of people climbing this beutiful limestone peak.
  • Log #15099 - by Iker on Aug 26, 2000
    Easy climbing peak, but be carefull at the last part of the peak. Keep your hands free, great views of the valley of Lescun with the Pic Anie on the left and Petretxema on the riht. There is a...
  • Log #15100 - by Ian on Aug 19, 2000
    Whatever approach route you choose, be careful to take enough water. As long as I know, and I've been there quite a lot of times, there are virtually no fountains in the whole climb. Anyway, it feel...