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Mt Kaçkar has a lot of endemic flavors and beautiful landscape. You can climb from North or South route. Easy route is South route and begin Yaylalar village. You can reach Dilberdüzü after 8hr trekking from Yaylalar. Clear water is not problem in Mt Kaçkar. For summit attempt, you must weak up 04:00 and after 9hr (if all goes well) you can reach to summit. During to ascent, you will pass near Lake Büyük Deniz. It has 45m depth and icy surface. Until 3500m, route is easy. Last 400m is steep.

Additional text submitted by Cagan Sekercioglu:

The non-technical climb starts from Buyuk Deniz Lake at approximately 3300m.The nearest approach is from the village of Ortalar (I think) which you can get to from Rize. From the village to the lake, It is an elevation gain of approximately 1200m and took us about 4 hours with full packs. From Buyuk Deniz Lake, it is another 2-3 hours to the summit. It is not technical although there are some wet and steep sections approaching 90 degrees and caution is required.

Elevation (feet): 12,933
Elevation (meters): 3,942
Continent: Asia
Country: Turkey
Latitude: 40.830956
Longitude: 41.154785
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Trabzon Airport
Convenient Center: Ayder and Yusufeli

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  • Log #15107 - by Marek Porzycki on Oct 31, 2001
    Attempted from the southern side (Yaylalar/Olgunlar valley)it's a quite easy trekking route without any glaciers on the way. The best place to camp is around 2 hours up of the last shepherd village...
  • Log #15105 - by Rahim Yalcintas on Oct 30, 2001
    "According to my opinion, Mt. Kackar is the most wonderful mount in Turkey. I couldn't reach the peak in 1997 Summer because there was very rainy and misty. But this year we are going to be on...
  • Log #15109 - by Burak Galip Akkurt on Jan 04, 2001
    The route from north is a little bit more difficult than the South. During the ascent you have to climb some short rock passegeges but the view from the summit is great There are also two glaciers...
  • Log #15110 - by Grzechu Grupinski on Nov 08, 2000
    We climbed the Kackar in the begginning of May. We had winter conditions - a lot of snow, strong wind. We spent a tough night in the tent - on the altitude of 3400 m - there was a big tempest....
  • Log #15112 - by Evren TÐLEMEN on Aug 19, 2000
    To be with my uncle and other dear friends from Israel and Canada at the camp site and during ascenting was really fun and a valuable experience for me.
  • Log #15113 - by Serdar on Aug 18, 2000
    We reached to the summit at 13:45 and northern side of the mountain could not seen since it was so misty. To get our camp site Dilberduzu (2850 m) took 3,5 hours trekking from Olgunlar Yaylas. Since...
  • Log #15114 - by JAW Tito on May 21, 2000
    After three days walking trough rain and clouds the view from the top was fantastic; we drank champagne in the early sun!
  • Log #15116 - by Nurettin ^Vzcan on Oct 18, 1999
    There are two glaciers on the peak. We did the big one. It has too many crevasses, 3500 m. crevasse is the most deep.
  • Log #15117 - by Oguz Kaan Þenol on June 28, 1999
    Altough it seems easy from south route,you have to behave to a mountain as a mountain.An English died just two weeks before I climbed there, in the Black Rocks area.North side of the peak is a 1000...
  • Log #15118 - by Sorin Cupcea on Apr 27, 1999
    just gorgeous! Extreme! This is what I can say about this peak. Especially the north side.