Hasandag Trip Report (#15133)

  • Signed By: Turgut Tarhan of Ankara, Turkey
  • Date submitted: September 20, 2000

I started from Helvadere vilage, NNE of the mountain at about 1250m altitude. At the beginning I walked on the obvious nomads' path passing through an oak forest. Then seeing no real path leading to the peak, I walked almost heading one of the hills surrounding the crater. The more I walked, the steeper the incline became. I arrived at the first snow patch in a gully. Then passing the steepest place with the use of hands(not rock, all scree at this point) I arrived at the ridge allowing to see the crater. I had to go down the dry crater for about a 100m and ascended to the peak at the other side. Half of the crater was covered in snow. There were huge rocks, some moving even with my weight when stepping on. It was scary. The peak was indicated by piles of stones. It was 14 years ago. Now there may be a proper logbook box at the summit. The duration of the ascend was 8 hours. The descend lasted 5 and a half hours. I was exhausted to walk up and down an elevation difference more than 2000m in one day and almost non-stop.

One can arrive at the summit from any direction with a similar difficulty. I've heard that also southern climbs have become popular recently. I would advise to anyone who intends to go to Hasandag, is to beware of huge shepherd dogs in the meadows crossed at the beginning. Although they look wild and scary it is rare that they bite people. Don't throw stones and try to be ignorant. The best thing to avoid the dogs is to divert your route if you hear the sheep bells or see them at distance.

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