Mount Giluwe

Elevation (feet): 14,327
Elevation (meters): 4,367
Continent: Australia/Oceania
Country: Papua New Guinea
Latitude: -6.03333
Longitude: 143.883
Difficulty: Walk up
Year first climbed: ??
First successful climber(s): ??
Nearest major airport: Kagamuga (Mt.Hagen)
Convenient Center: Mt.Hagen City

Thanks to Michael Bates for adding this peak.

It is the second highest Mountain in Papua New Guinea. It looks similar to Mt.Kenya with twin peaks. The walk is through moss forests. At approximately 11 000ft you enter the grass land. In the grass lands you encounter innumberable tarns and lakes varying from 2m in diameter to hundreds of metres. The climb is magnificent. The easiest route up to the summit is from the north side and a little place called Kagaba. To get to Kagaba you travel from Mt.Hagen City via Tambul. The drive to Tambul is also magnificent and gives a spectacular view of the peak.

This peak is summited far less than Mt.Wilhelm the highest peake in PNG, however is more enjoyable. The local people are very friendly. There is no official or well trodden path to the summits, however the majority of the local people know how to get to the summits. A guide is absolutely neccessary. As well as safety hiring guides helps to put money into the poor local economy.

Thanks to Michael Bates for this description.