Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3272)

Read Secor's book before the trip and decided it was possible to reach summit by noon in one day, but with the amount of snow this year, impossible. Left La Joya trailhead(13,083ft) at 4:30 am and reached the Republic of Chile hut(15,480ft) by 8:00am via Portillo. After a short rest reached The Belly(16,800ft) by 11:30am. One of my friends decided to head back to the hut after reaching 16,100ft. Storms began to set in and Lt and I decided to wait til next time and plan 2 days to summit. We figure we had another 3 hours left. The views of Popo in the early morning were breath-taking(that volcano is utterly menacing), and worth the trip even if 550ft remain to be climbed by us. The people at Cortes Pass were very friendly and issued us permits w/o problem. The whole time never felt the need for ice axe/crampons. Plan on two days if there is alot of snow.

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