Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3274)

The crew: -Paty my girlfriend who proposed this expedition. -Horacio a friend with not much experience. -Karim our guide, he has made many expeditions to the Izta. -Me, this one is my second failed attempt This was my second attempt to rich the top of Izta which is considered to be the chest area, but it was impossible due to bad weather and poor visibility (only 4 meters and sometimes even less), we started our attempt at 3 00 AM from la Joya shelter, We climbed straight up for the first hour or so, but then we considered that it was to dangerous to keep walking several times, so we stopped at many points waiting for better conditions, our asses were frozen but we really wished to reach the chest, while we were at the "belly area" we thought we were too exhausted and the wind and fog were even worse, we couldn't spect it to become better, so at that point we took back to the shelter, not happy for not reaching that top again but with more experience. So the third chance will be the good one. I wish to climb many mountains in the future, anyway this was a good trip for the eyes, I'll load up some pictures in my web page. Good look at Izta guys!!

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