Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3298)

  • Signed By: James Vivenzio
  • Date submitted: November 13, 2002
  • Date(s) climbed: 23 October 2002

Flew to Mexico City on 19 Oct. Had a restful night at the Hotel Christina. Picked up the next morning by Luis Reyes of Servimont guide service. With him was my guide and friend Roberto "Oso" Flores who I summited Orizaba with last Oct. We were dropped off at Paso de Cortes (12,000'+) to continue my acclimatization. There is a facility there with bathrooms and on this sunday, a number of Mexican tourist. The view of Popo is spectacular and it didn't disappoint as it shot a small mushroom cloud into the air. There is also a very nice view of Ixta from here. The next morning we packed up and hiked the 2 hours to La Joya (aound 13,000')for another night of acclimatizing. I was feeling good so we took our time and set off tuesday morn for the climb to the Grupo de Los Cien hut (15,000'+).

The hut sleeps about 20 and it was almost full.

We arose at 130am on weds and were on our way at 230am under a full moon. 4 young Mexican climbers from Orizaba joined us. Right out the hut door we were confronted by a very steep cliff with some class 3 climbing that took us to the top of the "knees" (16,500') and past the ruins of the Luis Mendez hut. From there the ridge climb continued over some steep terrain. We finally hit snow as we crossed the Ayoloco Glacier then on to the La Arista del Sol ridge which I found to be a longer traverse than I had expected. Great views from this ridge!

It was still dark when we crossed the snowfield that is the summit of Ixta.You must go to the far end to reach the summit. Dawn was truly spectacular as we gazed east to see La Malinche and Orizaba in the distance. It took a little over 4 hours from the hut to summit and we were back to the hut in about an hour 45 min. We rested a bit at the hut and were back down to La Joya in less than 2 hours. A very different climb than Orizaba. Certainly you will be treated to great views which you don't get on Orizaba. I highly recomend this climb. Again God blessed us with great weather and a safe climb.

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