Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3318)

  • Signed By: Uwe Kraus
  • Date submitted: December 09, 2000
  • Number of People Encountered:

On 29 December 2000 I am going to travel to Mexico in order to climb Izta and Orizaba. Are you interested to join me to climb in Mexico? My temporary itinerary is as follows: The first two days I would like to stay in Mexico City, than I will spend 2, may be 3 days at Nevado and Volcan Colima and after that perhaps 2 days for Malinche. These acclimatisation should be enough for the following climbs to Izta and Orizaba. Are you interested, than mail me to UweKraus1@aol.com or click here to visit my homepage: members.aol.com/UweKraus1

Uwe Kraus

Niederkirchen, Germany

Email: UweKraus1@aol.com

Web page: http://members.aol.com/UweKraus1/

Date signed: November

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