Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3324)

  • Signed By: Jim Mallory
  • Date submitted: February 27, 2000

I summited Ixtaccihuatl after climbing El Pico de Orizaba on Tuesday, Feb 22nd. Traveled from Tlachichuca to Amecameca on Wednesday, Feb 23rd, staying at the Hotel de los Volcanes. Took taki to La Joya on Thursday, and hiked to the Republica de Chile hut. The hut itself is in good shape, but full of trash and lots of mice. We started hiking at 3:35 AM Friday morning. We had a little trouble with route-finding in the dark, but finally reached the Knees at dawn. There are lots of ups and downs over several false summits, but we finally reached the summit just after 9 AM. There were three high points in the area - I believe the gentle hump on the north end is the summit, but we bagged all three of them. Awesome views of Popo! It took only two hours from the summit back to the Republic de Chile hut, then we took the alternate route down a scree slope into the valley below La Joya. This requires a bit of elevation gain to get back to La Joya, but was quicker. A very enjoyable climb - totally different from Orizaba!

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