Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3327)

  • Signed By: Piotr Fuksiewicz
  • Date submitted: February 05, 2000
  • Date(s) climbed: 4 December 1999
  • Number of People Encountered:

Climbing Izta was a part of two weeks expedition to Mexico. Considering rather short time we had for the whole country we also had to climb this wonderful mountain fast and with no chance for acclimatisation, for which we paid toll with awful headache destroying our mood from about 4600 m and up. I climbed Izta with Wojciech Kiedrowicz, who maintained the right pace enabling us to do the mountain quite easily. Woke up at 3:30 am in Amecameca, left it by taxi at 4:20 am and started at 5:40 am from parking La Joya at complete darkness finding the path with torches. Once we missed it and lost about 30 minutes to get back on the right route. The weather on that day was wonderful - almost unlimited visibility for the whole day, strong wind however made climbing a little bit difficult only at the very beginning stages. We could easily see Pico de Orizaba in the distance - its white cap was the only one apart from Izta's on that day so spotting it was very easy. We reached Republic de Chile hut in 4 hours and then we slowed down due to altitude sickness resulting with strong headache. At destroyed hut on the knees we put the crampons on. We summitted El Pecho at 1:00 pm. Then after quick descent we reached La Joya parking at about 4:30 pm. On that day we saw only one climber making both ascent and descent within the same day. Lots of climbers however, well equipped with camping gear, were making two-day climb - Saturday and Sundays gather crowds on the slopes, better avoid climbing then. From La Joya Ferdinando Salazar gave us a lift to Amecameca and thus we completed our successful and unforgettable climb.

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