Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3328)

  • Signed By: Peter Leth
  • Date submitted: January 30, 2000

This is a long day hike from the hostel at Altzomoni,

about a mile south of the La Joya trailhead. It's not very

technical, but there is some ice to be traversed along

the upper glaciers beyond the huts. Plan on 12-14

hours round trip from the hostel. A great acclimatization

climb for those preparing to head off to Citlaltepetl

(Orizaba) later. Be sure to arrange for your taxi

driver to pick you up at Altzomoni when you come back,

as there aren't really that many taxis roaming around

up there. Expect to pay about 360 pesos for the

round trip (40 USD), per car. And if you're wondering,

the far breast is the high point!

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