Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3344)

  • Signed By: Dan Sutton
  • Date submitted: June 16, 2001

Gorgeous peak, perfect weather. Best to avoid the weekend crowds, though it seems most don't go as far as the upper reaches.

Went from sea level to RdC hut in 24 hours -- could've used a day to acclimatize but no prob, really. La Joya to RdC hut in 4 hrs., Then 3.5 to summit.

Suggestions/tips/info: RdC hut utterly infested with extraordinarily hungry mice. This is how you get hantavirus -- sleep out if weather is nice (temps near zero F, -18 C, which is manageable.) Tent not necessary; water is. Also, if you return to La Joya before 5pm on a Saturday or Sunday, you can buy very delicious quesadillas from a vendor who has set up in the parking lot.

Terrific climb, lots of "your choice" route possibilities for scramblers/hikers, and truly beautiful views (Popo eruptions, Orizaba). A nifty ridge walk at the top. I'd go back, and that's saying something. Peak experience (pardon the pun): as soon as you descend from La Joya, catch a bus for Oaxaca and then Pochutla, and hit the beach at Mazunte or San Agustin within 24 hrs. Oxygen jitters + perfect beach + recent summit attempt = heaven on earth.

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