Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3355)

It was my first ascent of ANY alpine mountain. It was very taxing, physically, but utterly amazing. The route was well discerned, and we didn't hit any snow until we reached the "Barriga" or "Belly" at the Ayaloco Glacier. Lots of talis and scree, even when ascending from the "Belly" to the "Breast." Popo was very active when we were there. Several small eruptions every day with one gigantic eruption (12,000 ft. above the crater rim) on Dec. 6 when we were ascending to the Republic de Chile hut (which I thought was a very nice hut for being 15,525 feet above sea level). Our ascent to the hut took 4:47, and our ascent to the summit took 4:00 hours even. Descent to La Joya took about 3:30. Stay at the Hotel San Carlos on the square in Amecameca before/after your ascent ($50 pesos single room, $80 pesos double room). There's an American expatriot, Patrick Datetin, who lives in Amecameca and usually comes by the hotel to see if any Americans are staying there. He's a good guy to act as your tour guide. All in all, it was an amazing experience! Feel free to e-mail me for any information about Ixta.

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