Lassen Peak

Elevation (feet): 10,457
Elevation (meters): 3,187
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Cascade Range
State: California
Latitude: 40.4878
Longitude: -121.504
Difficulty: Walk up
Volcanic status: Active
Nearest major airport: Reno, Nevada
Convenient Center: Susanville, California, (approaching from the east) Red Bluff or Redding,, California , (approaching from the west)

Lassen Peak is only one of two active volcanoes in the contiguous United States, the other being Mount Saint Helens (8,364 ft.). Prior to 1914, it seemed to be a volcanic plug, and was believed to be extinct. In 1914, it erupted for the first time in what would be a series of 150 eruptions over the next three years. Its violent fit of eruptions ceased in 1917, but Lassen is still considered active.

Lassen is the southernmost volcano in the Cascade range, located in Lassen Volcanic National Park. The park holds several volcanic peaks, including Cinder Cone (6,913), Prospect peak (8,342 feet) and Mount Harkness (8,039 feet), plus several smaller peaks and great lava fields, hot springs, hot lakes, and mud volcanoes, all connected with an excellent network of hiking trails. All of the cones, including Lassen, are easily climbed.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #21771 - by Parag Ahire on Sep 20, 2009
    On a previous trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park a hike to the peak was not possible. I then planned a second trip to the park with the intention of hiking to the top. The one way distance of 2.5...
  • Log #21295 - by Damon on June 01, 2008
    Lots of people--easy trail. Lots of switchbacks. You pretty much can drive to the base and climb in an afternoon. Nice view from the top
  • Log #15513 - by David Marcus on Nov 01, 2004
    3 hrs with my almost-6-years-old son. Summit in fog. He had a great time, and so did I.
  • Log #15480 - by Jerry Cox on Oct 12, 2004
    bring water and get ready to sweat!!
  • Log #15481 - by Brian Jenkins on Mar 05, 2004
    Should be easy but I did it on a badly sprained ankle. Took forever. Tourist trap.
  • Log #15482 - by orian price on Dec 09, 2003
    i would not go as far to say that this was a major hike. 3 miles is a simple walk. Try whitney or shasta.
  • Log #15483 - by Rob DeMarr on Sep 04, 2003
    Got a late start (~5:30 pm), but it turned out to be the perfect time: the sunset was amazing! The hike up wasn't too bad (for being a rookie), and the trip down only took 30 minutes or so. I felt...
  • Log #15484 - by Paul Green on Sep 04, 2003
    My first mountain ever, I think I'm hooked... Warm weather at the base, but cooled off quickly during the ascent. Started out late and saw the sunset at the summit, absolutly astounding. If I could...
  • Log #15486 - by Darryl Curtis on Jan 26, 2003
    I had 2 summits but many partial ascents (lived nearby). Snow storms and lightening happen fast. It can be a hot day, but freezing on the snow at the summit. Go on a sunny day to see Shasta and Mt...
  • Log #15487 - by MARLA R. LUCAS on Nov 14, 2002
    I'd never climbed a mountain before, but, since 1972, I've been inpired by the words, music, wisdom and philosophy of John Denver, and, climbed in honor of his memory, and, in celebration of his...
  • Log #15491 - by jeff garcia on Oct 15, 2002
    Abslutely perfect weather, would recommend late season climb to others.
  • Log #15492 - by Marc Loomis on Oct 14, 2002
    Great hike to the top crisp clear weather. Would love to try in the winter!
  • Log #15489 - by Stan Sattelberg on Oct 13, 2002
    On Sep 6, 1958 (my last available day), I arrived at the foot of the mountain at dusk. Never having been there andknowingnothing obout thepeak, I hastily asked a renger how long it would take a fast...
  • Log #15493 - by Robert and Margaret Sullivan on Sep 02, 2002
    a great climb on an excellent well maintained trail. great weather day. a very vigorous climb. we had no difficulties, but I was appalled by the number of people attempting the this climb without...
  • Log #15494 - by Warren Baynes on May 15, 2002
    Thought I had better sign the log book. Only 11 months late. Summited Lassen Peak after 2 hour easy hike with two of my children during a 3 week road tour. Fresh skiff of snow down to around...
  • Log #15495 - by Lori Juszak on Jan 20, 2002
    Beautiful view - strong, strong winds! Not a hard hike, good trail, happy, spirited people met all along the way!
  • Log #15496 - by Carol L Johnson on Dec 14, 2001
    WOW! It doesn't seem to accurately describe the view from the top. The hike was a challenge but well worth the view of the valley, surrounding park and Shasta from the top. The trail was clear of...
  • Log #15497 - by james Shellhammer on Aug 20, 2001
    I had wanted to climb this volcano ever since I was 5 years old and my Dad told me that there was a trail to the top! It took meu 22 years to get there, though. I first took my eldest daughter when...
  • Log #15498 - by Gabriel Lowe Bruck on Dec 31, 2000
    We snowshoed from the Ski chalet up the road to the mountain. We then climbed straight up the ridge with the normal summer trail. We took two and a half days. It was a great winter mountaineering...
  • Log #15499 - by Stan Sattelberg on Dec 07, 2000
    While I was working on construction of a new refinery unit in Richmond where, to train a bit, I made a habit of running up the stairs where they existed and where they did'nt, climbing the walls of...
  • Log #15488 - by Mike Ostby on Oct 07, 2000
    Mt Lassen was the very first mountain I ever climbed. My dad and I walked the easy trail to the summit. I was 11 years old. Who knew the can of worms my dad opened when he took me to the summit? Now...
  • Log #15500 - by Matthew Dickstein on Feb 08, 2000
    In addition to the usual path, there are some interesting simple snow climbing possibilities on the northeast side of the mountain, above the Devastated Area. I'm a little wary of rockfall on the big...
  • Log #15501 - by Evan Sands on Jan 21, 2000
    Nice volcano to start with.
  • Log #15502 - by Alan Kane on Jan 21, 2000
    Nice 1.5 hour walk to the top before breakfast.
  • Log #15503 - by Eric DeVroeg on Jan 20, 2000
    A straightforward hike with terrific views. This peak would be a great introduction to the Cascade volcanoes for those who have never climbed.
  • Log #15504 - by Jeff C. Rose on Nov 18, 1999
    A good training hike for our Whiney attempt in the weeks to follow. A late Pm start yieled spectacular views of sunset and shadows on the descent. An ice Ax was helpful on the icy snowfield that...
  • Log #15505 - by Ricardo Yepez on Sep 16, 1999
    Dusty, very dusty. Lots of people! There were wild fires burning all over Shasta county so the visibility was pretty bad. We could bearly see Shasta's summit showing up NW from Lassen. Just a hike!...
  • Log #15506 - by Susan Riddle on Sep 10, 1999
    I took longer than most people because I kept stopping to drink in the views along the way. And what views they were! I thought the switchbacks would never end, but they did and then it seemed like...
  • Log #15507 - by Joe Walko on July 28, 1999
    Easy hike with great views from the top. I used Lassen as an acclimating hike to prepare me for Mt. Shasta (which you can see from Lassen's summit), which I attempted two days later. I wish I had...
  • Log #15508 - by Josh Swartz on June 28, 1999
    "Couldn't drive all the way to the trailhead due to 20 ft of uncleared snow on the road. 70+ mph winds made the ascent quite a challenge.....would have been a really easy walk-up in good...
  • Log #15509 - by David Stockton on May 26, 1999
    Climbed Mt. Lassen in 1992 and 1995, both times by the summit trail from the Lassen Park Road. Gorgeous weather both times, but also windier than hell. Nice view north to Shasta.
  • Log #15510 - by Gerald Litchfield on May 12, 1999
    Two really enjoyable and beautiful climbs. The first day, a Friday, was quite cool and cloudy off and on. I was very glad that I had brought lots of extra clothes. There were very few people on the...
  • Log #15511 - by Mercedes N. Alafriz-Gordon on May 06, 1999
    On our 2 1/2 week road trip through Northern California, we decided that we would climb, a few volcanoes along the way. This was the first of 3. The weather was beautiful, and at the top very cold...
  • Log #15512 - by David Hendricks on Mar 29, 1999
    Snowshoed in from the Lassen Chalet to Lake Helen on Saturday. Set up camp, and enjoyed the view. Left camp at 7am and fought the wind and deteriorating snow conditions to the summit at 9:30. It was...
  • Log #15514 - by David D. Sam on Dec 23, 1998
    easy climb, magnificent view
  • Log #15515 - by Bo.G. on Nov 24, 1998
    My first volcano. Spectacular views. Be on the lookout for Mack Fatty the Pika - the fattest rodent around. Also keep an eye for the Ranger Nymph- actually she might have just been on a trail crew-...