Mount Monadnock

Mount Monadnock Trip Report (#15572)

  • Signed By: Jim Johnson
  • Date submitted: March 14, 2004

I hiked today to experience the high winds .Further north, Mt Washington was reporting gusts to 125 mph. I climbed via the Marlboro Trail which is pretty much sheltered until you get to the tree line. Just above the tree line, the wind was really whipping. It came from the west, across the valley of Keene and increased in intensity as it climbed the steep western slope of the mountain. Just past the Dublin Trail jct., it was gusting so hard it almost knocked me down. Almost, but not quite. I had to plant both hiking sticks, lean into the wind and wait for the gust to subside before I could continue toward the summit. At the summit, I noticed the rain from earlier in the day was being driven up the side of the mountain and it crested as it hit the summit, resembling a reverse. The temp. was around 40 degrees. I've felt 60 mph winds before, but this was MUCH stronger

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