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NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

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  • Log #3366 - by Neil Olsen on Aug 09, 2004
    SW ridge via Pamelia. At the traverse, the top inch of snow was soft enough my crampons didn't bite in well. Below that was hard enough I couldn't plant the spike of the ice axe very deep or kick...
  • Log #3367 - by Marcey Rhyne on July 26, 2004
    It is possible to climb this mountain in a single, very long, difficult day. I don't care much for camping and like to go fast & light - I left Pamelia Lake trailhead at 5:30am and returned at...
  • Log #3368 - by Matthew G. Nielsen on May 15, 2003
    I think we took the absoloute longest route possible but the most consistantly successful. We entered by White Wate trail head through Jeff Park then over White Wate Glacier and accended Red Ridge to...
  • Log #3369 - by Pete Johnson on Feb 17, 2002
    West Rib route from Pamelia Lake: From Pamelia Road at Rt 22, we snowshoed 8 miles and 4000 vft to a high camp near treeline. Deep snow but no apparent avalanche danger. On summit day we snowshoed...
  • Log #3370 - by Joe Manceau on Apr 28, 1999
    Whitewater Glacier Route Camped at 7120 ft elevation right on boundary with the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. This worked out well since it was flat and there was ample water. On the glacier,...
  • Log #3371 - by Fred Spicker on Jan 18, 1999
    Ascent via Jefferson Park Glacier with friends David Coughlin, Bob Walsh, and Jens Housely. Every car in the parking lot was broken into - I hope that problem has been solved!