Mount Jefferson

Mount Jefferson Trip Report (#3366)

  • Signed By: Neil Olsen
  • Date submitted: August 09, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 7 Aug 2004

SW ridge via Pamelia. At the traverse, the top inch of snow was soft enough my crampons didn't bite in well. Below that was hard enough I couldn't plant the spike of the ice axe very deep or kick steps. After a foolish first 20', I ended up cutting steps with the adze and felt significantly safer. I figured better to remain in the path of falling debris longer than join it at the bottom. That was about noon on a moderately warm day. It would have been wiser to set up a belay with pickets. From the far N end of the traverse, I crossed back to the S side of the pinnacle as I ascended before crossing back the last few feet to the top. There was a small amount of ice in some of the shaded areas above 9500'. On the descent, which I found less fun than the assent, I got on the wrong ridge a couple of times. Other than snow, the last water would be at Milk Creek or Pamelia Lake. 3hr 37 min from car to summit, 6hrs 33 min round trip- probably not a record, but I was pleased.

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