Very easy climb. great for acclimatization and prep for a bigger challenge Mt. we happened to go on a day that a big tropical depression came on land. This resulted in us hiking in rain until we reached an altitude high enough that the rain turned to sleet. We left from Huamantla and hiked down to Malintzin. NOTE: there are no public buses that leave from Malintzin to the surrounding towns. we were lucky and hopped a ride on a bus that carries workers from their homes in town to and from Malintzin - otherwise plan to stay there (have a vehicle) or make the 18 Km hike to Apizaco

2nd Note: The trail from a Park Service road leaving from Humantla is a disaster. it started out clear, but became a web of goat trails. Our indicator or teh correct direction to go was to continue heading up hill. The train from the summit to the service road near Malintzin is like a 8 lane highway. That place must be packed on weekends.

Elevation (feet): 14,640
Elevation (meters): 4,462
Continent: North America
Country: Mexico
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Dec
Nearest major airport: Puebla
Convenient Center: Huamantla or Gov. Resort La Malintzin

Thanks to Gene Bosche for adding this peak.

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Trip Reports

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There are 29 trip reports for Malinche.

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  • Log #21909 - by Christian Rodriguez on Feb 18, 2010
    Super recommended hike/climb... is an easy rock climb in the last part of the mountain. Beautiful views and amazing flora and fauna.
  • Log #15645 - by DANIELA CRUZ RODRÍGUEZ on July 18, 2004
  • Log #15646 - by Hilary Couture on June 17, 2004
    We never made it to the top because we got stuck in clouds and sleet, but it was a nice climb until that point. I read that this volcano is only dormant and could erupt again, but who knows...
  • Log #15647 - by Troy Walcott on May 31, 2004
    A fun and challenging climb. From Malintzin if walking ,take the trail (not the road) and you'll save time by not going on switchbacks. Spectacular views of Orizaba, Popo, and Izta at top. Camping is...
  • Log #15648 - by Fernando on May 30, 2004
    Malinche is a very beautiful volcano but it is difficult to get to the base because you have to walk 2 an a half kilometers to get there.In winter the summit is usually full of snow
  • Log #15649 - by Armando Vazquez on Nov 25, 2003
    The first peak, at the age of 7. Very beautifull, and warm mountain. Grat for learn and begin, feels like home
  • Log #15650 - by Troy Martinez on Aug 28, 2003
    This was my fourth time on the mountain and third time at the summit. Since my wife's family is located in nearby San Jose de Teacalco we can usually find a relative to drive us up to the resort. ...
  • Log #15651 - by Eric Wakild on Aug 21, 2003
    Malinche is by far and away the most relaxing place to camp and relax in Mexico (as long as it's not a weekend!) Besides the two summits, my wife, Emily, and I also visited the park this summer (late...
  • Log #15652 - by JAVIER ORTEGA on July 04, 2003
  • Log #15653 - by Francisco J, Garza on Mar 24, 2003
    Along with my friends Servando and Néstor from México, we climbed this mountain as part of our acclimatization for Pico de Orizaba. It took us four hours from the IMSS resort to the summit and two...
  • Log #15654 - by Ondrej Surga on Jan 06, 2003
    Very nice. We started at Malinchi Resort at about 2:30 am to see the sunrise from the top, but we lost our way at the end of the pawed way (do not forget to turn left) and we sumitted at 9:00....
  • Log #15655 - by Jeremy Smith on Oct 23, 2002
    Beautiful climb. This was my sixth successful summit on Malinche, but i loved it as much as the first. I want to do it smoetime when it has snow.
  • Log #15656 - by Felix Martinez on May 26, 2002
    I was planning to do this since 1 year, still i had no time. I woke up in the campings at 6:00 am with some friends and we started the journey througt the woods. It was very cold. At 1 hour, one of...
  • Log #15657 - by bob weber on Mar 05, 2002
    set out for summitt from the trailhead at twopm and summitted at sketchy....clouds and some snow that came on as i started down...climbing alone i never felt in jeopardy.
  • Log #15658 - by Jorge Martinez Malacara on Feb 11, 2002
    I've summited La Malinche 11 times. I just wrote down the first three and the last attempt. It's an easy walk up to the summit but it can take lives away. The crater was on the eastern side of the...
  • Log #15659 - by Eric D. Smith on Jan 29, 2002
    We utilized LaMalinche as acclimatization for Orizaba later in the week. Camped out, got an early start, summitted before noon in sunny, clear conditions. Excellent views east to Popo and Ixta,...
  • Log #15660 - by Alejandro Orbezo ElÌzaga on Jan 22, 2002
    Climbing this mountain is my favorite weekend activity. It has a wide variety of landscapes through its easy way up. It's so beautiful when it has snow. It also gives good acclimatization...
  • Log #15661 - by fernando camarena de la mora on Jan 19, 2002
    tenia 14 anos (1968) cuando subi esta montana. fue una excursion con el CAIC. ( club alpino del instituto de ciencias). fue una gran experiencia, lo subimos desde las faldas.
  • Log #15662 - by Nicole Ballinger on Oct 02, 2001
    Great hike, but getting there was more of an adventure. We found public transportation by taking a 'combi' bus (an old VW) from the local bus stop in Apizaco which is a few blocks walk away from the...
  • Log #15663 - by Christoph Weisl on Aug 26, 2001
    "Amigos Internacionales", UDLA, Puebla Lalo (Pue,MX), Marco (Pue,MX), Claudia Degen (Suiza) y Christoph Weisl (Austria)
  • Log #15664 - by Ian A. Johnson on Aug 24, 2001
    Beautiful peak but covered in ash on the lower slopes of the main summit pyramid. The road from the camp grounds to the dirt trail is a rotting road so take it slow on the way down to avoid shin...
  • Log #15665 - by jonathan boarini on Apr 16, 2001
    Beaurtiful view, completely worth it. Good acclimatization, excellent comodities.
  • Log #15666 - by Matt Gorman on Mar 14, 2001
    Warming up for Orizaba, we lost one to altitude sickness before we even got out of the trees. It was raining down low, snowing up high, pretty stiff cold wind coming from the West. About 1/4" of...
  • Log #15667 - by Uwe Kraus on Feb 12, 2001
    After the attempt to climb Nevado de Colima which was not possible because of the activity of the nearby Volcano Fuego de Colima and Nevado de Toluca I went to Malintzi in order to ascent La...
  • Log #15668 - by Mike Ostby on Dec 26, 2000
    La Malinche. Nice hike to help aclimate for Ixta and Orizaba.
  • Log #15669 - by Geoff Ruttan on Feb 14, 2000
    What a great little peak. We hiked this one after doing Ixta & Orizaba and it is totally worth the effort to get up there. From Peubla buses leave every 15 min (14 pesos) to Apizaco. From there...
  • Log #15670 - by Mike Loney on Feb 07, 2000
    Stayed in the cabins at the park, very nice. We drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee to the end of the road at around 11,000ft. A little rough but OK if you are careful. Walk up from there.
  • Log #15671 - by Peter Leth on Jan 30, 2000
    A great conditioning hike for higher volcanoes. I'd recommend starting with this, then progressing up to Izta and Orizaba as time permits. Take the ATAH bus from Puebla (every 15 minutes -- 17 pesos;...
  • Log #15672 - by Andreas Fink on Jan 22, 2000
    Austrian "Mexico's Volcanos"-Expedition by "die Bergspechte". We used the common-route on the north-side, starting on 3090m. Bright, warm weather, nice view to Popo, Ixta and...