Elevation (feet): 9,396
Elevation (meters): 2,864
Continent: Europe
Country: Slovenia
Range/Region: Julian Alps
Latitude: 46.3833
Longitude: 13.8333
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1778
First successful climber(s): Lorenz Willonitzer , and three Bohinj guides
Nearest major airport: Brnik, Slovenia
Convenient Center: Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Triglav is the highest point in the Julian Alps, and is the focal point of Triglav National Park in Northwest Slovenia, near the borders of Italy and Austria. It is a great rock massif with three primary peaks, whose most spectacular feature is its North Wall, two miles wide and 4,000 feet high, stretching directly from the valley floor to the summit pyramid. The mountain's three summit ridges are equally popular routes for ascent, and climbing the mountain has become a proud tradition of the Slovene people, as well as people from outside the region.

The Julian Alps were the scene of fierce fighting during World War II, and a small memorial now stands at the foot of Triglav's North Wall.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #22014 - by J. Vranjes on July 23, 2010
    Climbed two times. First time (1989) the route was the Tominskov Pot to Kredarica hut. Started from Aljazev Dom hut at 4 PM and reached Kredarica hut at 10 PM. Spent the night there and then climbed...
  • Log #21497 - by Alexander Haupt on Oct 29, 2008
    Solo ascent and traverse. Ascent via Aljazev Dom, Triglavski Dom and E ridge. Descent via SW ridge and Plemenjce back to Aljazev Dom. Helmet useful.
  • Log #21352 - by Ben on July 25, 2008
    The time to climb this peak is late May to early June. This climb is easier then in winter, but winter gear (ice axe and crampons) is advisable. It also avoids the hoards to tourists that ascend the...
  • Log #21050 - by trevor hunter on Oct 01, 2007
    Climbed with 2 friends via triglav lakes Dolic and Planika Huts . "Difficult" section Planika to summit was easier than expected , the cables give good security Weather Balmy on top only 3-5 others...
  • Log #15703 - by Alex Leban on Nov 09, 2004
    Exelent wiew : N - Dolomiti and Austrian Alps, S - Adriatic Sea, E - Kamnisko Savinjske Alpe, W - Dolomiti and all Slovenia :)) Helmet!!!!!!!!!!
  • Log #15705 - by Jason Kielau on Nov 07, 2004
    Climbed Triglav on a sunny day from Vodnikov Dom. Nice view but crowded. For more privacy and historical interest, I recommend a swing over to 2244m Krn and a stay at the fantastic Krnskih Jezerih...
  • Log #15708 - by Eva Fay on Sep 17, 2004
    Fantastic clear day, the 2nd day after a day with first snow thus we had ice on the way but beuatiful white peaks around us.
  • Log #15709 - by Jarek on Sep 06, 2004
    I have traveled 900 km during the night from Kraków (PL) to Trenta (SLO) and in next two days I have made Triglav. Perfect views and landscape. Nice people, friendly shelters (but where showers...
  • Log #15710 - by peter piros on June 01, 2004
    Gruber Jano Payer Kornel Piros Peter we had brilliant weather and a lot of snow which were melted due to the strong sunshine. It took 1:30 to the summit and more than 2hours back to Kredarica. We...
  • Log #15711 - by Wolfgang Untersweg on May 04, 2004
    Praga way up to Kredarica hut, up to the Summit and decending using the Bamberger way.
  • Log #15712 - by Peter J. CESNIK on Dec 02, 2003
    Mt Triglav with nearly 7952 feet is a beautiful mountain. In summer or winter it looks impressive. It is relatively easy to access the top as a trekker, it is a different thing to do that as a...
  • Log #15713 - by Raimonds Isa on Oct 20, 2003
    Beautiful peak, we (5 Latvians) did it on a bright, sunny day, and weather was almost perfect if a bit windy. It was on the anniversary of the first ascent on Triglav but we were unaware of this fact...
  • Log #15714 - by Kuba on Aug 30, 2003
    Nice climb in the morning from Vodnikov Dom. It took us 2hrs45 to get to the top; so.
  • Log #15715 - by Cesar Careli on Aug 29, 2003
    Es indescriptible el sentimiento, al escalarla. Es la montaña y uno. Recuerdo en mi primer escalada al Aconcagua (mendoza) debi abandonar en el segundo tramo, creo que eso determino mi amor y...
  • Log #15717 - by Petr Cimpa on June 12, 2003
    I recommend it to everybody. Easy one-day trip.
  • Log #15719 - by Vincent Rouffaer on Jan 07, 2003
    One of the nicest peaks in Europe: What a view. And being baptised Slovene in the hut on top is really THE MAX.
  • Log #15720 - by Polish Alpine Club on Dec 08, 2002
    You must see this! Wonderful photos from Triglav.
  • Log #15721 - by Ewald M.J.Kampus-esq on Dec 04, 2002
    Climed Our Triglav with Stanko Kodric far relative of my wife Zinka. We had a wonderfull day and I am pleased to cocur it.After all I came from Slovenija-Maribor.And will be back in Slovenia nex...
  • Log #15722 - by Marko Buek on Nov 13, 2002
    I must say that I am really impressed by everything you all wrote down. I come from Slovenia and I have been on the summit for 5 times in my life. I like this mountain very much and if you don't know...
  • Log #15723 - by Gintautas on Sep 13, 2002
    Really nice, beatiful and quite easy place.
  • Log #15724 - by Thomas Permanseder on Apr 13, 2002
    We started our 4 day trip at the "Koca Pri Savici" near the Lake Bohinj. We passed the wonderful Triglav Lakes. As a sign for the early-year-conditions, the last one was covered with a thin layer of...
  • Log #15725 - by Erik Van Genechten on Mar 21, 2002
    Climbing Triglav in Winter time, a fantastic experience. Wim, Stijn, Kurt and myself got very lucky with the climbing conditions, only 30 cm snow, no wind and sunny skies on the first day (at one...
  • Log #15726 - by Anthony Begovic on Feb 26, 2002
    The Triglav climb was wonderful! The best part of our trip to Europe and an unforgetable experience! After tramping through ice and snow (apparently it was a "record" winter), the view from...
  • Log #15727 - by sam redmond ( King Edwards Sc exibition) on Feb 01, 2002
    Although clouds obstructed our views the conditions were otherwise superb and the celebratory atmosphere at the sumit as well as the scramble made this a very memorable mountain ascent. (Strange...
  • Log #15728 - by Boris Volkmann on Jan 31, 2002
    We climbed Triglav from the Vrata valley over the Cez plemenice route, and descend back in the same day via Tominskova pot route.It took us about 7h for ascent, and about 5h for descent.It could be...
  • Log #15729 - by Drew Cain on Nov 21, 2001
    I've summited from Trenta thru luknja and the direct line, also from Bohinj. The direct Trenta route is my record. 8.5 hours from car to car... They say you're not a true slovine till you've...
  • Log #15731 - by Adam Marcinowicz on Nov 07, 2001
    Hi its me again. I went back to climb Triglav by myself. I went up the same route as we came down before. Started at Lake Bohinj in cloudy warm conditions and it took me 8 hours to get to Dom Planika...
  • Log #15732 - by MMag. phil. Bernhard Fleisch on Aug 17, 2001
    I climbed this peak with my pal Rudolf Slanitz after stying overnight in the Dolic hut. The hut was completely overcrowded and we had to sleep un the floor. At 3 o'clock in the morning we had enough...
  • Log #15733 - by Adam Marcinowicz on Aug 16, 2001
    So close yet so far! Climbing Party: Ed Messenger (59) Ian Bignol (18) Adam Marcinowicz (20) Triglav is 2864m high, we got to 2725m Day 1: 23rd July 2001 Set off from camp in Ribcev...
  • Log #15734 - by Mykantas on Aug 03, 2001
    This peak is not very high and difficult to climb up, but the sights from it are realy beautiful and breathtaking. So if you are not experienced climber but want to climb, go to Slovenia, to Triglav.
  • Log #15735 - by Ann Helgeson on Apr 03, 2001
    I climbed Triglav with wonderful Slovenian friends and have wonderful memories of cold mountain lakes and blessed silence. It is my one-and-only Alp. I'm sure it seems much more like Everest in my...
  • Log #15736 - by Matthew Feltner on Dec 14, 2000
    Trilav was very unique and beautiful. It is one of the most nicest mountains I've been on and also the most relaxing. I suggest anyone who wants to climb it by all means do so. It is a great...
  • Log #15737 - by loris vescovo on Dec 14, 2000
    I can see him from my house, it' s just below krn.U can see it even from VENICE, WHEN THE AIR IS CLEAR
  • Log #15738 - by Matic Meglic on Nov 19, 2000
    The highest mountain in Slovenia, a beatiful small country just next to Italy and Austria. The mountain has a very impressive north face, which is around 1100m high, pure rock. Some dificult climbs,...
  • Log #15739 - by Darren Collinson on June 01, 2000
    Fantastic climb though very strenous for those who are not used to climbing. Views are breath taking.
  • Log #15740 - by Boris Volkmann on May 31, 2000
    Not dificult, but also very beautifull mountain. A great look , when it's nice weather ,from the top on the Austrian, Italian Alps and the whole Slovenian Alps.
  • Log #15741 - by mark skof on May 12, 2000
    It was one of the most beutiful peaks I have ever been on. I recomend to everyone to explore this part of Europe that is not as well known. The entire nation of Slovenia and it's people impressed me!
  • Log #15742 - by Peyton Ford on Mar 21, 2000
    For an excellent two-day try leaving Trenta in the afternoon, you see a great sunset and then stay at Dolic Hut, leaving early for the summit to catch a colorful sunrise. Then after summit, walk the...
  • Log #15743 - by Martin Marsic on Jan 20, 2000
    We climbed via Pokljuka and overnighted at Krederica. We summited then climbed down through the valley of the Triglav Lakes. The scenery was beautiful. Some of the huts had just opened for the season.
  • Log #15744 - by Tim Verbic on Nov 19, 1999
    The northern corridor "Vrata" is truly a magnificent natural wonder.
  • Log #15745 - by Dean Silic on Sep 20, 1999
    This peak is really amazing, but it's pity that Aljažev stolp is almost half full with rubbish. For early autumn weather was excellent. The sky was completely without clouds, and even in altitude of...
  • Log #15746 - by Paulo Alexandre Santos on Sep 12, 1999
    Everything was great, until i found a guy in the summit who was selling beer, certificates, etc...That's unbelievable...
  • Log #15747 - by Ewald.m.j.KAMPUS on Aug 30, 1999
    Triglav is mine magestic mountains,as my birt-place is Slovenija (Maribor).For me being on its peack at ALJAZEV Stolp,and having a wonderfull sight down the valley,brought me thougths...