Mont-blanc Du Tacul

The most easy 4000m mountain in europe. Next to the Aiguille du Midi. Very busy but the view is beautifull.

Elevation (feet): 13,937
Elevation (meters): 4,248
Continent: Europe
Country: France
Range/Region: Savoy Alps
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Year first climbed: 1805
Nearest major airport: Geneve
Convenient Center: Chamonix

Thanks to Sjoerd van Mil for adding this peak.

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Trip Reports

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  • Log #21620 - by nicolas meunier on Mar 16, 2009
    ascent solo in 2 hours 58 minutes !
  • Log #20739 - by Gintautas on Apr 11, 2007
    Absolutely beautiful view from above to Chamonix and Mont Blanc.
  • Log #15786 - by Peter Fraher on Aug 23, 2004
    This was my first of many 4000m ascents, it was a beutiful climb, with a nice mixed, rock/ ice finish to the summit, offering brilliant views of the surrounding area.
  • Log #15787 - by Janne Leppänen on July 30, 2004
    Started at the Aiguille du Midi with my Swedish companion with the intention of climbing Mt. Blanc. We met our guide, put on our gear (and harnesses) and went to the Cosmiques Hut in the late...
  • Log #15788 - by Paolo Amiotti on July 27, 2004
    A very beautiful day, no problems for the climb except one hour wasted waiting for the people passing the big terminal crevass. Then "a long way home" to ref. Torino...
  • Log #15789 - by Tom Gertsche on Nov 26, 2003
    I climbed Mt. Tacul the day before climbing Mt. Blanc with two friends. It was an easy climb on a beautiful day.
  • Log #15790 - by Brent Holliday on Sep 29, 2003
    A nice day, one big crevass on the way up. No other problems.
  • Log #15791 - by victor llorente on July 15, 2003
    5:00, cumbre del tacul, cielo naranja interminable. Primera cumbre nevada para mi compañero, y primer mal de altura. Lloró. Lloré.
  • Log #15792 - by Dean Swick on July 06, 2003
    Was headed for Mt. Blanc but got hit hard by a storm. Winds were fierce so stopped a du-Tacul and waited until the weather cleard and decided to summit it and head to town for a beer. Beautiful, easy...
  • Log #15793 - by Peter Pearson on Dec 20, 2002
    Seems to be getting more difficult by the easy n.e.face route.The glacier was quite tricky in 1999.
  • Log #15794 - by Peter Van der Auwera on Dec 20, 2002
    First we got up at 1 pm, then at 3 pm. The climb from Refuge 'Les Cosmiques' was hard. Early in the morning we arrived at the Tacul-summit. Tired but satisfied by the weather and the marvelous view...
  • Log #15795 - by David Hidalgo on Nov 09, 2002
    Good summit for fast ascent, but we recommend to spend one night in the refuge to avoid mountain sickness. We left Cosmiques refuge earlier than normal (around 4:30am) to avoid crowds. Excellent...
  • Log #15797 - by Gintautas on Sep 13, 2002
    Now that was the biggest yet. It requires training, tough but super beautiful and breathtaking (both view and climbing).
  • Log #15798 - by Valerio Bozza on Sep 02, 2002
    We left Rif. Torino at 0h15 and traversed the Glacier du Geant by night. It was really wonderful to see the long procession of feeble lights of the people climbing the north-west face in their way to...
  • Log #15799 - by Roderik Met on Aug 06, 2002
    After a week of pouring rain we, my sister and I finally went up on Thursday by cable car of the Aiguille du Midi. Bad luck again, a bold of lightning struck the upper part so we had to stay the...
  • Log #15800 - by Mäkelä Pasi on July 22, 2002
    Soolonousu huipulle! Helppo yli nelitonninen, suosittelen aloittelijoille ja miks ei kokeneemmillekkin kivana retkenä. t:PM
  • Log #15801 - by bart cockx on July 18, 2002
    Climbed this peak by the hanging glacier route, just left of the rock triangle. Very nice in the first 1/3 with some steep ice when you pass the serracs. The upper part of the route is a little...
  • Log #15802 - by Janos Granicz on July 18, 2002
    It was a solo ascent. I started from near the Torino Hut from my tent (Col du Geant) at 5:50 am. I reached the summit of Mont Blanc du Tacul at 11:50 am. The normal route was an easy glacier route...
  • Log #15803 - by Bob. on July 15, 2002
    Nice climb by the normal route - a bit tiring maybe, but still a perfect acclimatation peak. We started from the Aiguille du Midi at half past seven in the morning, and were at the top a little...
  • Log #15804 - by Tancredi Massimo on July 10, 2002
    what a great summit and an amazing way to celebrate my 15th birthday before going on to mont blanc summit.
  • Log #15805 - by Daniele C. Struppa on July 06, 2002
    Beautiful acclimatization climb before going for the Mt. Blanc Traverse. On July 1st, it was very cold and windy on the top, and the last few meters were very icy with (at least for an amateur like...
  • Log #15806 - by Sebadtian Kita on June 13, 2002
    bloody proud, quite hard climb, big celebration afterwards, will be back soon
  • Log #15808 - by Dario Marelli on Jan 09, 2002
    Quite easy climb, wonderful day, clear and sunny. Started from Torino refugee at 4 a.m, arriving at the top at 10 a.m. Beautiful views from the top on Mt.
  • Log #15809 - by Gordon Carroll on Nov 05, 2001
    I summited du Tacul for the first time on my eighteenth birthday as a practice-run for Mont Blanc. Stayed on the summit for an hour or more, just admiring the view. A great peak for beginners to...
  • Log #15810 - by David Wollen on Aug 05, 2001
    Used this first peak above 4,000m to train for Mont Blanc later that week (after hiking down Vallee Blanche the day before). Good fun and easy for most (so everyone keeps telling me) but still quite...
  • Log #15811 - by ANTONIO MARTIN on Aug 04, 2001
    MI PRIMER CUATROMIL ALPINO! Vivac en el col de Midi. Inicio a las 5:00. Cima a las 8:00. Encontramos zonas de hielo-roca en el ultimo tramo y algun peligroso puente de nieve para atravesar los seracs.
  • Log #15812 - by andrew ware on July 14, 2001
    Don`t be fooled into thinking this walk is too easy as I did and ended up braking my arm nose and 4 ribs when I slipped coming down into the col du midi from tacul
  • Log #15813 - by Tessa on June 21, 2001
    The weather was good, so we had a great vieuw. We stayed atn the top for over an hour! It was great!!
  • Log #15814 - by Otto Schapendonk on June 15, 2001
    Climbed it with Stijn Willems. Easy route, but I was very slow.
  • Log #15815 - by Jørn Unnerup on June 14, 2001
    From Refuge Cosmique 0400 with a group from Dansk Bjergklub (The Danish Alpine Clib). On the top 0815. Wonderful wheater, no clouds at all and no wind.
  • Log #15816 - by T on Jan 15, 2001
    Lovely hill, great for training/aclimatisation, not the kind of thing that you would actually sign a visitor's book on. General snow/ice at 30-50 degrees, small rocky summit with tubular aluminium...
  • Log #15817 - by Alan Arnette on Nov 18, 2000
    My first big mountain snow peak and then I used it as a training peak before Cho Oyu, 26,907, in Nepal.
  • Log #15818 - by Sjoerd van Mil on Nov 07, 2000
    Busy route. Very easy snow route