Mont-blanc Du Tacul

Mont-blanc Du Tacul Trip Report (#15787)

  • Signed By: Janne Leppänen
  • Date submitted: July 30, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 16.7.2004

Started at the Aiguille du Midi with my Swedish companion with the intention of climbing Mt. Blanc. We met our guide, put on our gear (and harnesses) and went to the Cosmiques Hut in the late afternoon. We ate there and went to sleep as soon as possible because we had to wake up early. We woke up at 00.30, had breakfast at 01.00 and began our journey at 01.45 with our headlamps shining in the night. There were at least 100 of us who took off in that direction, so there was a long stream of lights going up the mountain. It was beautiful! But, in order to climb Mt. Blanc via the Traverse Route, you have to first climb Mt. Tacul, then decend downwards, then climb Mt. Maudit, and only then can you make your attempt of MB itself. I had to admit I wasn't in as good a shape as I had been last summer when we climbed Grosse Glockner (highest in Austria, 3.798m), so we had to give up our attmpt on MB and instead go for our alternate plan, which was to climb Mont Blanc du Tacul. We were all disappointed of course, but all in all we did achieve 2 out of 3 of our objectives: We did make a new altitude record (it now stands at 4.248m) and we did climb a 4000m mountain. That is something to be proud of! Next time I'll be sure to be more physically prepared. Celebrate the Mountains!

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