Aiguille Du Midi

Aiguille Du Midi Trip Report (#15829)

Stefan, Erik and myself got up early to catch the lift up to the Japanese Mekka ; Aguille du Midi. Everybody knows of the Japanese and their pervert relationship to their cameras. In the town of Chamonix they and their cameras were everywhere. They shooted film of everything, just a walk in the street were interesting enough to be taped. Aguille du Midi is a summit with cable car connection and therefore mainly an offer to tourists who wants to get closer to the mountain life without climbing, swetting and walking. And of course a great spot to shoot film and take pictures in clear weather. Rain or shine, the Japanese were crowded around the cable car station in Chamonix. One trip up and down to Midi costs 36 Euro. The Mont Blanc summit were covered by clouds. Still we had a great view to Mont Blanc de Tacul, Mont Maudit, Aguille du Verte and Grandes Jorasses (all above 4000 m). Aguille du Midi itself has an altitude of 3842 m and is said to have the 2. best view in all the Alps. My image section has lots of images Midi. Later that morning we went through the Mont Blanc tunnel (were 40 people died in a fire). We visited the Italian smalltown Cormeyeur, it was in their Siesta so it wasnt much to see. So we headed back to Chamonix, bought our last souvenirs and packed up for tomorrow and the journey home. Erik and I visited the Alpine Museum in the evening, not too interesting. Most things were explained in French.

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