Canigou Trip Report (#15873)

  • Signed By: xavier gorrea
  • Date submitted: September 16, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 24/june/1997

There are two main options to reach the summit. The first one starts at the Cortalets refuge and is the easiest one, and I found it not very exciting although it could be recommended for elder people or those not so used to climb mountains.

The second route to the summit is the preferred by me due to the changing and beautiful you will find all over the way. It starts at the Merialles refuge, that you can reach easily by car (there is a winding dirt road but quirte good). From Merialles, you must follow the path that leads to the Canigou(Canigó for the Catalans). It's difficult to get lost because there are many signs showing the way, but if any doubt, ask someone at the refuge.

The first part of the trekking is easy. The way goes to the East from 2hours aprox. since reaching a so-called refuge(it is quite a small hut in my oppinion). From there the way turns to the left (North) and the slope starts to become greater. You will soon see the peak in front of you in the distance. This part of the climbing is the hardest one. Although is not difficult, you need to be cautious if you do it on Winter or early Spring because the snow or ice can turn dangerous the pronounced slope.

Finally you will reach a rock wall (III degree +/-10m) that you need to climb on. Note an erected rock named "Chemeneia" (chimney) on your left while climbing.

After the climb you will see an iron cross: you have reached the summit!!

It will take five hours more or less from Merialles to the peak.

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