Canigou Trip Report (#15874)

We were staying on a camping near Prades (alt 700m)and walked to the refuge at appr. 2200m following GR5 from west to east. Temperatures were way up in the 30's so we had to drink a lot.We stayed at the refuge for the night and went for the summit early next morning. Summit was not visible due to clouds. During the last half hour to the summit we got snow which wasn't were pleasant when you are wearing shorts. Last part(couloir)was tricky due to all the snow. When we reached the summit there were allready people up there. They took the easy route and were wearing slippers. They had taken the 4x4 up to the refuge and walked the easy stroll up. All in all it was tough because of the heat in day 1 and the snow on day 2. And a 2000m climb is pretty difficult for people who are not really used to climbing.But it was worth every step up!

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