Pico Piñón

Pico Pinon (Piñón) is one of the lowest of the seven high peaks on the Cerro de las Mitras, it`s located on the western end of it between Pico Piramide and Pico Cuauhtemoc which is the highest one (2020m.). You must pass trough several canyons and towering cliffs on the northern face of the mountain walking on a narrow trail opened by miners many years ago, then walk trough one mine to the other side where the trail gets steeper and you have to make several moderate climbs to get to the saddle between peaks Cuauhtemoc and Piñón, from there go around the wall on the left hand side and climb a little more to get to the final stretch, a 25 meter wall wich is a little technical so it`s better to use a rope. The summit lies just above this wall and it`s quite narrow and small.

Elevation (feet): 5,840
Elevation (meters): 1,780
Continent: North America
Latitude: 25.6667
Longitude: -100.433
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec
Nearest major airport: Mariano Escobedo, Monterrey.
Convenient Center: Monterrey, N.L.

Thanks to Francisco J, Garza for adding this peak.

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  • Log #15932 - by Francisco J, Garza on Feb 02, 2001
    I climbed this peak along whith my friends Beto, Rubén, Mario and Rolando on a very cloudy day whith slippery conditions most of the way. Only the peaks were cloud free. This was my first time doing...