Peak 7510

Elevation (feet): 7,510
Elevation (meters): 2,289
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Brooks Range
State: Alaska
Latitude: 68.2333
Longitude: -149.833
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Year first climbed: 1998
First successful climber(s): Me, as far as I know
Nearest major airport: Bettles
Convenient Center: Probably Coldfoot, AK

Thanks to Alex for adding this peak.

The highest summit in the vicinity of Atigun Pass. Easiest route is basically a walk up, with a little bit of scrambling required, but all other routes are either technical rock or ice. Climbed the peak in July of 1998 with my father - Boris Dynkin, and a friend - Victor Ortenberg. Approach from Dalton Hwy. via a valley just south of Atigun Pass; follow it about 3 miles W/NW, through a fairly narrow pass into the Atigun River Valley. From there, hike north for about a mile or two, then into a tributary valley on the S. side of the mountain. Hike for a couple more miles here until reaching a large rocky slope leading to a col between Peak 7,510 and another summit. Climb this slope, it is about 1000 feet high and fairly easy, steep and exposed in parts but still a non-technical scramble. The col at the top is an awesome place to camp. From there the summit is an easy, straight shot up the ridge that leads west; follow the crest but be careful in bad weather -- the drop-off to the north is vertical and very abrupt. Descend by the same route. Since climbing this route I have gotten into more technical ice and snow climbing. I remember some awesome snow/ice couloirs on the N. side of the mountain and would like to some day climb it from the north, via the glacier. I would like to also some day name the peak, but can't think of a name yet.

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  • Log #15995 - by Alex on Mar 02, 2001
    I am the author of the page to this peak and probably the only person other than the people I was with at that time to climb this mountain. Climbed it as part of a five-day backpacking trip in the...