James Peak

James Peak Trip Report (#16103)

My wife Kimberly, fifteen month old Kessler, and myself had a pretty late start after 10:00 AM (it takes a little longer to get ready when you have a little guy)from the railroad trestle. We made it to Rodgers Pass at 12,000 feet. We ate lunch there and let Kessler play with the rocks and feel a snowbank. We noticed that dark clouds were beginning to gather and it was descided that I would go for the summit as quickly as possible while mom and little guy played at the pass. I went up to the summit as fast as I could to race the darkening storm clouds and distant thunder. When I was near the summit, I met someone coming down. It has started to rain and hail a little, so I asked him how far it was to the top. "Fifteen minutes". I should have turned back, but I was soooo close. I went as quickly as I could touched the summit and left (spent 1 second on top!). The thunder started really booming and lightning was flashing all around. Hail and snow (not the soft friendly flakes-but the hard pellets) was screaming down almost horizontally. Since it was agreed that if bad weather blew in, that Kimberly and Kessler would head down off the pass, I knew they were probably on their way down the trail. I was still a little worried though, so I ran down as quickly as possible. I was glad to find out they weren't still at the pass. I eventually caught up to them (it was still raining hard and a little hail was mixed in), and I was surprized too find Kessler sound asleep. I guess the only complaining he did, is when mom restrained him in his backpack, because he wanted to get out and play in the storm! He was bundled up pretty well; the only thing we forgot was a hat. A hiker passing by lent him a hat for his little head and we gave it back at the trailhead. Next time we'll get an earlier start! The weather forcast also stated that it should me mostly sunny with a very slight chance of thunderstorms.

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